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Winter wheels, spare wheel, ECU, tune, dog bone motor mounts, HID headlights, MAP

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Here is a list of things for sale I have that left from my 2015 and 2016 Forte5 SX.
I will keep updating the post wit more items, pictures, or prices.
Everything is located in Lansing area, more exactly East Lansing/Haslett.
Feel free to reach out to me through PM. Just please, no crazy low offers... I am no charity. :)

Most parts are used, but in very good condition, unless otherwise specified.

1. Engine mounts (dog bone). Both red and (green. Green had been used for about 200 miles only. Red never got in. ($20 a set, $35 all of them)
2. OEM air filter (5k miles). ($5)
3. Two OEM front (driver side) wipers. Brand new. ($10 each)
4. ECU ECM with tune. To make it work for you, VIN must be changed. Either you will have access to software that can do it or have tuner/dealer update the number. It is "Stage 1" tune for 91/93 octane. ($$$ to be discussed, roughly-tune is no less than $600, used ECU about $200). Check your part number before contacting me. It is from 2016 AT F5, but other years may use same one.
5. 4500 K, 35 W, Morimoto H11 HID kits with slim ballast and OEM dust caps. Just remove your caps and use those. Reversible mod. (hard to say... $35? lamps, ballasts, antiflicker kits, caps...)
6. Manifold pressure gauge (boost vacuum gauge). SOLD
7. Electronic, full sweep, oil pressure gauge with sender and OEM plug for the "low pressure" light.
8. Various temperature probes (-50 C through +125 C). I used them to monitor hot/cold air, ATF in/out, and such. Powered by 12 V.
9. MAP sensor. The updated one. 39300-84400 ($25) SOLD
10. Stabilizer red bushings. Those were on the car for about 500-800 miles. I do not recall. On winter they started squeaking... so I took them off. ($15$)
11. Spare wheel with towing hooks, scissor jack lift, and other accessories. Basically brand new... as the wheel was never used. ($150?)SOLD
12. A set of winter wheels with OEM TPMS sensors. Wheels: alloys, 16", from Hyundai Sonata, part number: 529103K210 (16x6.5, ET 46 mm - what that means? Compare OEM: 18x7.5 ET 55 - that means the winter wheel pokes 4 mm less than OEM and is over 20 mm further from the suspension). Wheels are very used, but in mechanically good condition. Optically - decent, not perfect, but not much to complain about. Tires are General Altimax Arctic - very high score ratings on TireRack. Size 205/60x16. Wear - two are 7 mm, two are 5 mm deep. ($500)
wheels were sold

Link for comparison 18 and 16 wheel on the car

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Updating this thread with a few more pictures and items.

1. Vacuum Block V2.0 by 6th Element Engineering, or currently known as SIXTH.

2. Mechanical oil pressure gauge

3. Horn. FIAMM dual tone horn. Basically plug and play. Just need to wiggle it in and install where the OEM was. PnP because it has a OEM connector built in. If you want to, I can add you this double silver horn - Harbor Freight... For free.

4. OEM, brand new, never opened wheel locks

5. Various thermostats. There is an OEM thermostat and a few others that fit this opening. I was playing with winter thermostat to be set at 85 C not OEM 82. Anyway, all of them would go as a set. Very low price on it...

6. Spark plugs. No, these are NOT HKS. The box is from HKS 45 XL that I had installed on my 2016. At the time of sale I did not bother to remove them. Those you see here are OEM, with about 10k miles factory NGK SILZKR7E 8EG. Set of 4. All just fine.

7. Trailer harness for Forte5. It is CURT 56228. No splicing, simply unplug taillight, plug the T-connector in and done.

8. B&M supercooler. ATF cooler. B&M 70264 SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Cooler. It is 11" x 5-3/4" x 1-1/2" model is rated at 14,400 BTU, and pressure tested to 200 PSI.Inlet Size: 3/8 inch nipple fitting. Listed as over 100. It also comes with 12V 7" fan.
IMPORTANT. There is a damage. Sounds bad, but a few fins are bent. It does not cause any problem. It holds pressure. I only tested it as I never actually installed it...

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Bump... still some stuff left.
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