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Dude my windshield split totally in half over night one night and I can't find a new one anywhere. I went to the dealership and they want 600 for the glass. My insurance is a 500 deductible and I said screw you to everyone. A windshield should not be freaking 600 bucks it's a kia not a Bentley or a Jaguar! Any ideas on where to get the glass for less? Oh by the way all the local glass places cant find it either since the car is so new.
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Sorry to hear that. No warranty on it? did you get hit by a rock or something?
No idea what happened it's a horizontal single crack from one side to the other. Dealership wouldn't cover it I tried that's when they told me it was 600
:( doesn't sound like an impact caused it. Windshields are laminated glass, it's highly unlikely that a crack caused by an impact would propagate horizontally through the entire width without spiderwebbing or cratering. It sounds like a defect in the glass itself during the manufacture or install. Any chance there was a big temperature shift the night it happened?
Sadly we will now have to refer to you as postcrack.
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My dealership uses a 3rd party for all their glass stuff I tried talking to two different people they both gave me the number to some place called magic glass. I'm about ready to give up for a year or so for prices to go down. I did see a Hyundai with practically the same hood and A pillars but they could not tell me if the windshield was the same.

Rofl DennRN
That sucks man...ladt windshield i did was my old 06 mazda 3....926$ glass dealer takes the hit on my 100 $ deductible so it was a freebie lol....pretty sure they juse add the 100 on the price
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