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What's Your Mileage?

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Just hit 20,000
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13k, and I've had the car for three months. lol
5000.. miles.. in 5 months.. the last 2300 miles I did in the past 3 weeks.. as an uber driver!!!
I've at roughly 2200, maybe slightly less or more. I've had it since February 12th.
7,800. Had it 11 months now. Yea, I work really close haha
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12,200 Had mine since oct 26 2014
1400ish, got it 2/20/15.
12,750 and has been one year yesterday
Got mine around 2/20/15 as well. Got about 2800 miles on it.
15k and got in oct
I just hit 4000. I got it the beginning of November (it had 300 miles on it before purchase. somehow I guess it went on a lot of test drives at different dealerships before I got my hands on it)
I've had mine for about a month in a half. It came with 204 miles it now has 2200
Man why are these cars coming with high miles. Mine even had 110 on it when I got it. I argued that big time and told them the price better reflect it
Mine had about 110 but that was the mileage from one dealership to the one I bought it at.
Not sure, when I test drove it I believe it had 12-16 miles on it, then I bought it a day or two later it was in the 20's.
mine had 300+ on it, but they drive out to pittsuburg to get it thou
Mine was never brought from another dealer. I am guessing everyone used it to get lunch or to go for a joy ride
Do keep in mind that they do have to do the PDI, so that will add miles. In my case, my car had ~115 when I first started test driving it and was up to about 220 by the time I signed the dotted line. As I understand it, warranty coverage is +100K miles from when the owner takes delivery.
Just really strange these have that miles on them. I am thinking it's because it's a new model and people wanted to just drive them and see what they are like. My suv had 10 miles on it when I bought it. Other cars that I bought were about the same to so it's just odd to me
kia's pdi mileage is only about 10 miles
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