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41 year old, married, father of two. Always driven pickups. Got rid of my beloved Silverado as I've got a work truck now. Had the opportunity to act on a lifelong dream of owning a hatch.

Test drove the Forte5 when it first came out years ago. Just purchased an 18 Forte5 with 36k miles. Loving it so far.

I love the fact that it's a bit of a sleeper. New Civic hatches look like they're designed for speed. Everyone knows about the Golf Turbo. No one suspects the Forte5 can pull.

Not the fastest car I've driven, but it's enough to be fun and give a little pin back feeling.

I'm a pretty handy guy. Carpenter, general DIY dude. So far I've done the dad mods: k&n (why doesn't AEM make a dry filter?!?!), Red air stem covers (AutoZone mod god), and weather tech. Also treated the intake valves with STP cleaner.

Planning to do soon:


Spark plugs.


Dogbone and bushings.

That's about it. Maybe a catch can.

Think I screwed up my first oil change. Put in Valvoline MaxLife 5w-30. I've always loved Valvoline but it's ACEA3. No bueno. Going PUP next time. Hope engine doesn't get harmed over the next 3 months. I only drive on weekends, about fifty miles.

One thing I've noticed about the 18 Forte 1.6... it's difficult to find parts. Air filter, for example. Also frustrated with UVO... can't access app store. Not sure it's even important though.
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Anyway, looking forward to participating here.
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It is indeed a nice car that is a sleeper.
Or at least it was about 4 years ago...

Anyway, after having it for a while and doing different things to it, I keep saying this now:
What mods are the best?

Spare ECU, spark plugs, KN drop in, and the tune.

This set brings the most smiles and is the best power increase per dollar spent.
Well, then you will need better tires or at least you will need them more often.

ECU - same part number. Why spare? If still under warranty you may not want the dealer to know everything...
Spark Plugs - HKS, most likely 45 for you, but check
KN - drop in at the minimum, CAI or short is fine as well
Tune - "stock" or stage 1.

I had 2015 MT and 2016 AT. Tires would not take more than 15k miles... but I was addicted to the low end torque.

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So far:

K&N Drop In - can hear a difference.

SXTH element EM3 lower mount - I can actually feel a difference even with the auto trans.

Plugs - went with the autolite. I'll spend more money on these when I tune.



Turbo Downpipe

Evilla Cat-Back

Tune (spare ECU)
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