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We need this!

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I demand satisfaction!
The Kia K3 Watch - Casey Kia blog
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i like the idea of basically wearing a keyphob as a wrist watch, but what about the mechanical backup?
The mechanical backup is only good for the door isn't it? Does it also start the car because I dont see anywhere to put the key. If not, then I don't see too much harm in a well placed hide a key. I think it would be worth the price of admission just so I don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the panic button when I'm trying to open the trunk. Not worrying about sitting on the key fob and unlocking my car would be great too
It's nice having the fob for the trunk but I've had the keys in my pocket and while doing stuff like changing tires or installing amp and sub. I've hit the panic button like 4 times now.... it's annoying. My old car starter fob on my old car was bad for the trunk release button.... I'd go out to my car after work and trunk is open and there's 4 inches of snow in it.... I try to get in a habit of leaving keys in my jacket pocket at work and that... wish we had like a credit card key or something... just throw it in wallet but that still doesn't help you out with trunk. At least with the sorento there's a button on trunk to open it....
according to the manual, you can start the car if the phob battery dies by pressing the start button with the phob, i guess it can read something or a chip inside the phob when you do that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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