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I made a thread not long ago about wanting to get an aftermarket head unit which supported Android Auto and/or CarPlay since I have both those phones. Price is a concern and it seems new entries are hitting the market as we speak.

The Pionner AVIC-8100NEX retails for $1500 which is quite expensive even with discounts that Amazon had for $800 it is still expensive to me. I got to thinking that Android Auto is just a GUI over Android anyway and lo and behold after some searching and random luck, there is an app called Auto Mate which is beta-ing right now. It is essentially Android Auto clone and available now.

Anyway, my plans were to get an Android Auto complaint head unit but at these prices, I think I will wait and deal with what I have now. It isn't like I'm buying a new car with options needing to be added. This will work out nicely for now and so I'm passing it on. + the added bonus of more money for other mods :D
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