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upgrade stereo

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hey guys, who has added a couple subs in the trunk? i have a bunch of stuff for my truck i never used so im thinking of toss in a couple subs on a line out converter off the rear speakers...

i have 4 old school kicker comp 12" subs, probably use 2, a 1600 watt cadence amp, 2 gauge knu knoceptz wire kit along with dist block and 8 gauge to feed the amp.30 sq ft of sound deadner mat and enough carpet to do a 5 cube box lol...was gonna put 4 of them in the truck. can fit a box in without taking toooo much im checking into this..just wonder the wire colors im after and if anyone did this yet? dont wanna touch the deck or speakers...yet..only need 2.5 cubes so a little extra here sounds be fine...normally i do ported and tune it but im going for simplicity here.

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That should work. I have a single 10" memohis in a ported box and it takes up more then half my trunk lol
Lol the box i had designed for the truck was 5.25 cubes
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nicee like that box..i wanna do this on the cheap so a sheet of mdf is in my future lol
i respect all forms of modying to include what goes into stereos... but i just dont understand the big subwoofer thing.
I have loved music since i was a young little buck.. Deep hard hitting bass is very enjoyable to me
as far back as i can remember, i think ive only bought one head unit in my life time and that was in 2005. lol.

i feel privileged with the jukebox in the kia's lol so nice to upload songs with a jump drive then just disconnect and be done with it
But that sound quality tho. Ugh. Cant deal with that
Why not just order the navigation unit from kia along with the front plate. It would be plug and play and fully functional and look like it belongs there.. the premium fully loaded forte sx has it from factory. I've seen it and its a very nice large screen. Only problem I can imagine is those premium models have duel zone climate control that is also tied into the head unit to display temps and stuff. I guess you could go all out and order that setup too lol.
Like it was said i love bass...loveeeeee it lol.ill deal with the speakers for now...and i love sundown audio....wanted a pair of sa 8s sooo bad lol.
I will upgrade when there is a after market system that will work with the rear view, steering wheel, sat radio, and nav all in one. For now I'll just stick with installing the Sun Down subs, mids and separates powered with a critical mass 5 channel amp
I thought I seen a aftermarket set up on kia forums, I believe I seen it in 14+ sorento sub forums but could be in others.... not sure if that's what you are after?
They dont make one for the forte yet.
Optimas had one that was pretty dope
The software it ran made it look like the stock uvo and all its settings. L
UNAVI X5 Aftermarket Navigation for 2014-2015 Kia Sorento non-UVO & UVO - Kia Forum
This is the one I was talking about but Kneegradamus is right I think, says only for optima, sorento, sportage and soul......
I have the fully loaded 5 and the stock unit doeant display the temps for the dual climate control. That is all with the climate stuff. The nav hu i like and hate. I dont like how its always linked to kia. It always asks to sync my milage with it and dont like that kia knows along with what codes. It is nice for some features. I mostly use my phone for the nav because i use waze that routes me around crap.

I do agree stock sound is plain and boring. I went with infinity components in the front and infinity rears. They are hooked to the stock hu for now. I also have a 500w memphis amp to a 500w memphis 10" sub in a ported box. The thing hits like i have 2 12" subs if i adjust the remote on the amp to do so
Grabbed a sheet of mdf last just to find free time
Hey so they are currently doing a 60 channel free preview on Sirius XM radio until the 1st if you are like me and don't wanna pay for xm there is an old trick.. Supposedly if you unhook the xm antenna before they send the deactivation signal then leave it unhooked for 3 months or so when you hook it back you will still have service ...for life. I'm unhooking mine to try it lol
Haha awesome ill keep that in mind when mines about to run out
On my account i bought for my suv and the kia the lifetime subscription. Since i have been with them for over 10yrs i got a killer deal on both and for 2 portable radios that me and my wife use at work
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