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Turbosocks is here :)

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Some of you might have noticed my involvement in the Veloster Turbo crowd when you were researching your own vehicles.

I would like to do a little bit of introducing and then mention what I will be working on soon.

First off, name is Nate.

I have been in the Hyundai scene since 2003.

I have been working on aftermarket developments (small scale) for Hyundais since 2007. I started with Turbo kits for the RD/RD2 Tiburons when there wasn't much else available.

There wasn't a huge market but I sold about 15 total kits and 30+ fuel system upgrades. We had members pushing upwards of 260whp on completely stock motors (136hp stock) for over 20,000 miles before they got rid of their rides.

I was out of the Hyundai game for a few years while I was rolling around in an SRT-4, which I also did some development with.

In 2012, when the Veloster Turbo was due to be released, I decided I wanted to make the aftermarket more than a hobby.

I was able to find out when the cars would be coming in port, where they would be going and called a dealership for (Turbo #5) in the states before the dealer even knew about it.

We drove from ABQ, NM to Denver, CO to pick up our car in July 2012.

The rest is history.

Immediately I started on seeing what parts from the genesis coupe aftermarket would fit, worked on my very first version of the intake and here we are today.

That is the wife's car now.

For the Veloster Turbo, I offer a plethora of products. Some I am a vendor for, some I have developed, some I actually make in my garage/shop.

I had a member try out some parts and the intake will fit from the Veloster Turbo but not the BOV setup because where yours sits.

Anyway, Here is what we are thinking:

What will fit the Forte Turbo (almost 100% sure):

Rigid Collars
Resonator Delete
Short Shifter (80% sure, need to confirm)
Monster 3.5" intake (should be able to squeeze in :p)
Vacuum block for boost gauge/aftermarket BOV
Big Brake kit (most likely will work)
Wheel spacers
Oil Cooler kit
Oil Catch Can kit (some tweaks possible)
lower engine mount (have to check)

What we would like to work on:

Cold pipe upgrade with BOV
Hot pipe upgrade
FMIC kit (will be tight, the VT kit will NOT work)

We also offer anodizing services which have become popular in the community:

I hope to be an asset to these forums and hopefully can help expedite some parts development for you guys.

I currently am working closely with Uniq Performance (big in genesis coupe community), Pierce Motorsports (big in bracing modifications fro the Veloster Turbo), Cosmo Racing, Turbo Tech Racing and a handful of other smaller businesses to work together to improve the Hyundai/Kia aftermarket without charging the 'niche' premium like some other vendors.
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The resonator was confirmed to fit. I would lean towards the cold pipe upgrade with BOV fitting considering everything is the same.... That's one upgrade I'd like to get some time soon.
It's about time :)!

Glad to see you over here Nate - Welcome aboard!
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Sorry for the lag dascrow. Got so swamped with life and the Veloster business, I didn't want to open up a can of worms over here until I was ready!

The cold pipe will definitely be different and will be harder because how far the FT intercooler is back than the VT. The trick is getting the couplers attached with a BOV flanged pipe.

I will try looking online to see if anyone has wrecked theirs already (hope not) so I can get the intercooler setup with hoses. As long as I have the hoses, I can make the kit (space permitting)
+1 on the resonator delete pipe. Cant wait to see what else is available in the future.
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