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Turbo Removal

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Hey all, wasnt really exactly sure where this is supposed to go...

but anyways, i got my 845 motorsports downpipe in the mail the other day, and i spent a few hours slowly taking the stock manifold off yesturday or atleast trying...

i got down to where i needed to remove the 3 bolts from the stock manifold to the turbo. i got 1 off, but i stupidly snapped the top most stud off with the bolt (the stock flange is like a triangle)

so rather than risk everything, i decided to put everything back together. it doesnt seem to leak at the moment and i am bummed... i really want to install the down pipe...

but it seems i may need to remove the turbo from the engine... doesnt seem too difficult of an idea....

but has anyone done this yet? looking at pictures/cutaways and animations, it looks as if the exhaust housing is part of the exhaust manifold, so i would need to take the manifold off in order to remove the turbo?

also, i planned on doing an oil change so i have that ready to go, but how much coolant should i expect to come out from the cooling lines?

any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure why you would have to remove the turbo to install the hot pipe since from what I have seen under the car you just undo the worm drive and the coupler should slide off.

Also does it look like the pipe will mount up right? If so I might order it also
I looked on their website and I only see that you can buy the hot pipe for their intercooler setup. Are you trying to install the intercooler kit from them?
He is talking about a downpipe I think.....
Yes the down pipe. The first part of the exhaust essentially.
Oh ok. I don't think that downpipe will fit our cars
From what I can see it should
I read somewhere the downpipes are different between the VT and FT. I forgot though....

As for the turbo, the exhaust manifold and turbine wheel housing is one piece. So the manifold will have to come off with the turbo.

However, you shouldnt have to remove the turbo to install the downpipe. I know @itsjustme has removed/installed a downpipe before. Maybe he can chime in.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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