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Transmission cooler

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Ok guys I have installed a cooler for my trans since I do a lot of windy mountain driving and have noticed my trans temp gets to 200-210 while pushing it pretty hard and constant shifting.

So i ordered a 15" red rail style with 3/8" barbbed fittings. I also got 4' of power steering hose because it has a thicker wall from the other hoses that the store had. Also picked up a 3/8" double barbbed fitting to attatch the stock hose to the new hose.

You can see which one i pulled off the trans to use in the pics. I also routed the hoses next to the bottom corner of the stock i.c. What I did with the hose coming from the stock cooler is ran it to the port on the new cooler that is in the back. So then the other one would go to the trans. I did this so the way the fluid runs through the new cooler the air would hit it better before returning to the trans.

Here are links to the pics. For some reason tapatalk always posts the pics huge so i use the links.

I will get pictures of how it looks through the grill soon when i get back home tomorrow.

So my temps on the fwy before were 185-200 now they range from 160-175. Then in the mountains it went from the 200-210 down to 180-195. Also you can tell that it is mounted on the front crash bar

If anyone wants specific pictures please let me know!
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cool. cooler temps in the tranny means longer life
Exactly. Trying to protect it as much as i can since i do a lot of hard driving with it
even though i knew about this before hand, it looks great bro.
Thanks man! Im happy with the results. When i get a fmic then i will have to figure a different spot for it lol
@Forte5 I'm assuming you're A/T? Great job on the mounting.
Thanks! Yes I am a a/t. Did it because I will be tracking the car and I do a ton of mountain driving
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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