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Tinting Side Mirrors

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Is there a subtle tint that will reduce the glare from the side view mirrors? I do the majority of my driving after sunset and the glare from cars with HIDs and SUVs give me a headache sometimes. Is there a subtle % that I can do that will not hinder my visibility too much? I wished it had auto dimming side view mirrors but you can't have everything in this price point. If not tint, may be some other product that might work as effective. I see some plastic-dip on light coatings will achieve the same result. Good or bad idea?

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you can check out GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

they sell clear colored vinyl that you can trim to fit anything... usually i believe mercedes uses blue tint....
Thanks, I emailed them. Hoping it's not more than $20 otherwise I will try the Plasti-dip route and use the rest on my rims.
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