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Spotted a T-GDI Forte

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Well, the other day I was told by my roommate he spotted a black Forte Koup 1.6T in my city, right down the road from our apartment. It's been a couple days and i've yet to see it. I thought maybe he had mistaken it for an EX, but he said he seen the SX wheels, and the dual exhaust. So, I'm kind of sad that there is another one around me. When i bought my car, i searched online and it didn't show another one available within 317 miles :( I felt special for a while. I've had dozens of people ask me about my car, because they haven't ever seen one before. I'm sad to know there is another around but at the same time i'm happy. It's a great car and i would love to find the person that drives it. Maybe they are a car enthusiast as well. I also just looked online and seen there are TWO SX models at my local dealership. One of which is Red with a MANUAL (I'm so upset lol) They didn't have a manual when i got mine :(

Seriously gave trading my car in...on the same car but a manual a thought for a second. LOL!

Looks like they are going to be popping up, i'm excited (yet sad)
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Mate, the more around, the sooner we'll start seeing mods available.
Agreed @norrie !
I saw one close to my area as well! It was black too! He was putting it through a professional hand car wash and I could see him just enjoying the look of his car. I pulled up on the road next to him and wound the window down and said nice car..... Hahaha. He was taken a back a little and realised I was in a red one and responded with a large smile and "Likewise mate!!".

I've seen only one Pro_Ceed GT here as well and he flashed his lights at me when we were going in opposite directions.
Saw a white Forte SX Koup this morning driving East Bound on Gardiner Express. Haven't seen one in day light before; looks nice. I was in the black Forte5.
I'm in Calgary & had my SX Luxury Koupe since January 2 2016 & only seen cars @ Kia dealers & NEVER seen one on the road.
Sure like mine though :).
I am glad to have the only SX Koup in my country :) EX guys look like confused when they see my car....
I am glad to have the only SX Koup in my country
which is where?
Malaysia! Have been driving my Koup 1.6T for close to 2 years now and I have only spotted 2! Quite a few previous gen Koups around though. This 1.6T gen is super rare! Cheers!
Well I have the only Koup turbo in my country is very cool and previous Koup version owners can just dream to have it lol
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