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This is sort of a performance topic... I think.

With the recent holiday season, I went and visited family in rural Kansas. There is a particular stretch of rural road that is insanely flat and straight. I was able to get my (basically) stock car up to 130 MPH before I [SUP][SUP]chickened out[/SUP][/SUP], started running out of road.

That got me wondering, what is the fastest you have gotten your Forte? I've read that the top speed of the car is 143, I'm wondering if anybody has hit that, or gotten close to it. I've also seen that the torque tune removes the speed governor, I didn't know the car has one, haven't hit it yet. What's that set at anyways?
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Original ECU that I had was absent the day they did rpm limiters and top speed and I was at 145 mph and 6400 rpm with the A/T. Car was surprisingly stable and felt good (sure BC helped a little). Once the ECU was replaced it now is governed at 138 mph.
Never got my car past 135 yet. When I hit that speed I was on a road course on the straight and looked down quick and saw it lol
I can't wait to get my BC coilovers ! But until then 120 is the fastest I go . It got a little squirmy at 130 . Never hit top end yet on it
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