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Slow progression to my build

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This is to hopefully help out with the community that we have going! I recently just posted what I plan on doing so far with my forte.

For all of you who do know know I am in a 2014 forte koup sx. The current mods on it at this moment is I have gotten carbon fiber hood and trunk broken K emblems to match the small about of carbon fiber looks we have. Also have a gloss resin coated broken K emblems for the wheel covers. I've gotten some Plasti dip for the front bumper to black out the run under neath. Engine upgrades right now is just a CAI from 6th.

My goal for this car is a respectable 270-300 hp overall. I don't feel it's too much but it's definitely enough for people to look at you and say "damn." Therefore the projects I have in mind soon is to get myself a good exhaust system. Unfortunately it's going to have to be custom made right now and I've been looking at 2-3 local shops to get it done (also I take interest in prototype work if needed). While trying to work with these guys I've been looking at trashed Kia souls (no one ever wrecks the buggers) for the throttle body mod! I'm thinking after those two things I'll work for the tune. After I get the tune I'll go ahead and get the hot pipe mod (if not just before) and focus on the FMIC. By the time all this happens I'll going back to Tork for the ceramic breaks and the slotted/drilled rotors. Possible look into getting bigger clamps for the breaks.

For future looks. The only things that I'll have going on is getting the roof blacked out (gotta keep the black on red going) I'm also thinking of getting another can of black Plasti dip with their glossifier for the rims. At least do them every winter to help keep the rims looking good for the summer!

Project I'm debating on: HID I'm not sure if I want to go through the hassle of having them. Maybe I'll try finding a white bulb or maybe LED kit to match my (our) awesome white LED's. Also thinking of maybe taking off the T-GDi badge. Really unsure about this has I have the "forte koup" blacked out and the T-GDi is still silver/red.

That's pretty much the plans. This is going to go by slow because.. I'm not in a hurry lol! That and I work too much...
If any of you would like pics of this beauty let me know I'll gladly post some up as she is. Also as she gets more parts on/in her. If you also have suggestions feel free to let me know! Thanks for readin!
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Tuesday I'm getting the exhaust done. Unfortunately since my state requires resonators for inspection I can get straight pipe.
Does not matter Anyways as I planned on getting them anyways! Tuesday the beast should sound good!

Also it's going to be a 3" but not a true 3" because they don't do a mendrel bend (spelling??). Does anyone know what it might be at for the bends? Also would it help if I was to install a 3" converter later down the road?

Exhaust was done on it about a few months ago. Got an axle back with muffler (state law.. no straight for me...) Ill be posting video in the exhaust thread.
Switched the CAI to a short ram. It has been raining a lot and i recently noticed that the filter was getting wet. don't want to water lock the engine.

Next up will be the downpipe and the hotpipe (or coldpipe?) Both of them screw it!
ECU Tune coming shortly
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Post how the plastidip wheels go. My wife wants me to do white.
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Post how the plastidip wheels go. My wife wants me to do white.
I was thinking of white wheels but my wife looks at me funny lol. I think dropped with white wheels would look good
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