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rigid collar confirmation

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Along with my downpipe thread. I've also confirmed a set of rigid collars that fit the koup.

They are not an exact veloster kit. They are a mix/match of 2 different kits

Turbosocks said he's gonna be adding the 14 koup rigid collar kit to his website shortly so check them out.
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Swwet. Thanks bud.
Thank you. Hopefully we will get a Forte Turbo in the shop soon so we can get these made for you guys as well!

It's been a couple days since I've trolled turbosocks's site, but did he ever list these?

Also, how do you like them?
I don't know if he listed them. And I'm not sure on the change of driving. Its been awhile sense I put them on
ill pose this question.. would this kit work on a Forte5..?
yes as long as you get the mixed matched set that turbosocks has. i first bought the veloster kit from turbosocks

the front collars fit fine, but i had to grind the rear ones down a bit and i gave some measurements with a caliper to turbosocks and he sent me a pair of collars to try on the rear and they worked without modifying

if your interested in them and he doesnt have them on his website, i would just shoot him a quick email
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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