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Hey guys, so I installed a 9” oem+ style head unit in my 2016 Koup sx M/T so I could get the apple carplay and have something bigger than that small 4” ouv unit from factory. The radio that I got that claimed to keep the factory reverse camera and all the functions that the old radio had but with some added USB ports and sim card reader for wifi and GPS. The radio gave me all the features but the reverse camera and I also realized that the reverse lights are not working that night, so I checked the fuses and realized that the backup fuse was blown and replaced it and checked if the lights were working but yet nothing happened when I put it in reverse. I check the fuse again low and behold the fuse is blown again.

Could the reverse camera have something to do with the backup lights?

Moral of the story I got a new head unit for my car now the reverse lights don't work.

Anyone know what it could be?
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