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Rear trunk brace

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So I finally have time to post this for everyone. I have the Evilla Motorsports rear trunk brace. This is only offered for the Forte5. Reason is where it ties into the rear child seat brackets on the 5 compared to the Koup. From what Eli has told me this is the closest point to the top hats on the rear shocks and keeps the towers from moving.

I have noticed with this bar the rear feels less sloopy and feels way more tight in the rear. It does help the car corner better allowing me to get on throttle a bit sooner. Now I also have the rear torsion bar and with this added with the rear brace the rear tracks right where you want it. I have noticed increased stability while on the freeways and the rear doesn't move around for every little bump.

All I can say is to get these bars ASAP if you want to corner harder and want the car to drive better and respond to your steering input better.

The bar will be painted just trying to figure out a color
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ok I'm in.. super nice install.. I guess red will be the color
It's a very clean install and you never see it. So you still keep your trunk space
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Eli has a koup hey? Is there plans for a trunk brace for the koup or is the rear a little more stiffer on the koup with the rear deck vs having everything open on the Forte5. It is a nice install though.
Yes he has a Koup. i am not sure if he plans on anything for the trunk on the Koup. If I remember right it's because of the mounting points for the child brackets in the Koup. I would think that the Koup somehow could get a brace. I haven't seen the trunk of one yet though
I'll take a look later if I get a chance and yeah our mount points are on the rear deck behind the head rest.
Eli has a koup hey? Is there plans for a trunk brace for the koup or is the rear a little more stiffer on the koup with the rear deck vs having everything open on the Forte5. It is a nice install though.
Hey Rick,
We are working on something nice for the Koup as well. It was to our surprise as well that the wagon was the only one to have those bolt locations. :D The rear deck does help the body which is may be why Kia moved the bolts positions to the top instead of the bottom.
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i havent looked as i have a vest and work stuff in my trunk, but if there are any bolt holes in the floor, maybe they can be tied to the rear deck, like an X bar or something. it'll destroy the fold down seat capability, but who cares
A X bar would be awesome in the trunk of the Koup!
How much and where you bought it? I ain't rich, bro.
I couldn't find instructions on their site...but just to be clear this deletes the child safety restraint hooks when installed right? My little nephew is 2 and rides with us occasionally so if it does...this is a no go for me...

EDIT: Just looked at the first pic again and now I see the safety hooks in place. Not sure how I missed it the first time. I think I saw a picture of a red brace (KUs car maybe?) And I didn't see the hooks in that pic.
I still have those hooks because my godson rides in the car a lot with me and I have the bar
Do you think it jeopardizes the integrity of the hooks at all? I'm sure they're solid but they weren't designed for that right?

I've got some left over metal from another project I was gonna make one out of but plan on installing a car seat shortly and didn't want to risk anything.
No it doesn't hurt them at all. Your setting the bar on top of them and tightening it down so your really adding strength because the bar covers more surface then the bolt by itself does
you can look at my install.. I just left all but the center hook off but its more of a personal choice.. check out my install Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Tire
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ill say this again.. you can keep you hooks.. if you want to.. I just didn't.. and I have had a few car seats in the back seat of my wagon.. and most of the women I talk to never use the anchor.. hooks.. but if you want to use them, its like 2 minuets to put the, back in.. my are still in the package tray where I left them..
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My concern is more absolute worst case scenario I get in a horrible accident with my baby in the back. Somehow the extra torque on that bolt from the brace makes the bolt snap. I don't know if thats even remotely realistic but for me personally it just is one of those "what ifs".
It would probably never be an issue though.
I'll bow out of the conversation now though in relation to child seat safety concerns as its probably distracting from the topic most are interested in.
just user the center hook as its not effected at all be the install
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I would use both for safety. Just one in a good accident won't help much. It's made to keep the seat centered using both. If using one only the seat can be tossed around.

Anyways the rear brace can be used with all of them. When I went to Eli so we could confirm fitment we left all in. I use them for my godson all the time
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