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How much faster is the GTI compared to the Kia?
Well the GTI is a 2013 Drivers Edition with a Unitronic intake, 3 inch stainless downpipe and relocated diverter valve with a GFB DV+ valve so it's a bit faster. The gross power is not where it's at though. The GTI is just better at using the power I think. It turns, stops and goes in a way that is less dramatic than the KIA. You ask it to do something and it just does it and you go "gee how fast am I going?". I'm having it tuned to stage 2 later this year and we'll see if that makes it more exciting. The KIA is more fun to drive right now with the few bolt ons it has. In a straight line i'd say the GTI by 5 cars and going away. if it was stock it would be closer but still the GTI would win. It's a total package right from the dealer. but costs 5 to 7 grand more too!
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