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I found a good link on the internets just now. Here is a listing of BorgWarner Turbochargers/KKK part numbers from a catalog.

This catalog only goes to about model year 2003 but it does have dimensions of K03/K04 and other BorgWarner Turbos out at that time. Might help us get a better understanding.

@itsjustme posted this in another thread

2013 VT turbo Borg Warner part# 5303 970 0307, Hyundia part # 28231-2B710
2014 Kia Koup turbo Borg Warner part# 5303 970 0384, Kia part # 28231-2B720

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Now to find someone that can give us the exact specs for our turbo
Let's use this thread to gather as much info about the turbo as we can. I will use this as a baseline for when I develop replacements in the future.

EDIT 11/10/2014 -

Found the compressor map for the stock turbo. Going to do some math and see where this thing stands.

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I am looking for the compressor map for this turbocharger. Need to do some calculations :)
Only thing I can add is that in order to take it out the cold side and waste gate actuator have to come off lol

Or it looks like there is enough room out the bottom if you take out the axle
Also the big elbow mounts to the exhaust manifold. So maybe a thermal gasket may be beneficial
The comp map didn't have the backside A/R.

I did re-arrange my photobucket so that's why the image went missing. I'll have to fix that link. I will look for the factory A/R size too and post it when i find it.
It is definitely a K03 type Turbo, maybe a hybrid K3/K4.

I'm ordering your CAI sometime next week, so I'll play around under there. I was thinking of contacting Borg Warner with the part number and seeing if they could give us more information (If that hasn't been tried yet?) Seems pretty hard to find any info on ours.
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