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I was looking at exhaust to get a little more noise from my Forte. I came across some websites online where commenters were saying there was an option from the factory to get a performance exhaust for the turboed Fortes.

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen these? Are they worth spending some money on or would it even make a difference from the stock one I have now?

Also a part number would be great if someone could find/get it for me so I could do more research. I have tried to find it but trying to find parts for this car seems very difficult.

Thanks guys!

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There is nothing from the factory, but there are, or maybe were, multiple options from aftermarket.
keep in mind, extra noise may mean some other side effects, like droning noise or excessive sound vibration in the cabin

As for the sound - what do you want to accomplish?
Some simple mods are mid pipe, catless pipe.. and you hear more turbo spool, and increase exhaust tone, but not drastically yet.

And the thing is - you may not hear it, but people outside do.
Once you hear it well, it means others may be overwhelmed by the sound.
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