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This has been unveiled a while ago at Tokyo Auto Show but sadly is only a concept and may not see the light of day, but if the FRS/BRz is reason enough for them, I hope it comes to light. Something about the 3 box design that they call it appeals me to. I'm very keen on the old designs like the car it is based on, but I"m far from economically able to get a classic and restore it. That said, I think cars today are just so devoid of soul and character; even our own cars seems very generic by today's standards. Making old new again seems to bring about reinvigorated excitement in the automotive world and this concept hits home on all points. Hopefully it is priced competitively with the FR/Z with the same or more performance. The most striking feature of this car is the back to basic design and very economically sized.

The projected power plant for this is the same 1.6Turbo, more than likely they will use the same engine in the Nissan Juke which would make a lot of sense and from all reviews, the Juke drives really sporty and the engine also has potential.

If Nissan made this, I know I'm trading in the Forte for this in a heart beat.
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