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New owner in SoCal

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Hey guys my name is Aaron and I am soon to be a proud owner of a 2015 forte 5 door 6 speed manual pearl white. I am going right now to finalize the papers and the car is being delivered to the dealer first thing in the morning.

I already am searching for what I can do to it and what I want to do. I do know it is getting tinted, wheels, intake and exhaust first thing. The rest will fall into play when stuff becomes available for the car

So any advise or anyone that lives around me feel free to post up!
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Welcome Aaron. Congratulations on your new wheels. Look forward to see some pics when you get it.
I drove both just now and since I have 2 little ones the 5 just makes sense. Also the one I wanted with the 6 speed manual was silver not white and it was a base turbo. So we got a fully loaded snow white 5 turbo with a auto. The auto is nice because my wife has issues with her hands at times that makes driving a stick hard. Plus the koup I was hitting my head in with the sunroof doesn't help being 6'3 lol

Thanks for the welcome guy!
Welcome! Lots of cool things to come for the Forte Turbo!
I saw what you have for the forte already and really want to order the intake for sure. I do want to get a BOV and full exhaust system done to it. I am hoping the exhaust is coming soon for a forte5
I was thinking of doing that until the cel came on last night after only having it for a hour. I plugged my scanner into it and came up with the turbo bypass valve code. I took that hose off just to hear when driving up the street if the bov was staying open or not and it stayed wide open not allowing it to boost at all.

So now I am back at Kia and even the service guys are shocked that I am back lol. I'm not worried as every car has small issues here or there so not blaming Kia for it. Still love my car. I will post pictures of it soon!
Thanks smalltown!

How can I run a aftermarket one on the stock setup? Of course in the future I know there will be a fmic and the pipe will have a spot for one but till then it would be nice to do it
Oh ok.

I pulled that hose off the intake tube just to see if I had the right one and took it for a drive and it felt like it was surging from it being off. Is it because I didn't take the hose fully off the bov?
Oh ok so it's not just me then lol. I don't see a AFM on it so I think it's still the same like yours unless my stock BOV isn't good. When I connect it back up to make it stock it is totally fine but take the hose off and it will throw a code for turbo bypass valve. I did find out that my check engine light was due to a vacuum hose that kept popping off at full boost so I zip tied it and hasn't come off since.

If I should start another thread for this please let me know!
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