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New member from Cleveland oh

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New member here. I bought my 22 6mt in June for a much needed new daily driver, and have been enjoying it so far. The only thing I’ve done is put a Sxth catch can on it. I’ve been thinking about lowering it, and maybe doing an intake, but that’s really about as far as I’d like to go with the car. I mainly bought it for the warranty, and the manual trans.
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It’s in winter mode right now. 16” Hyundai Sonata wheels, continental vikingcontact 7’s, and an annoying tpms light.
Get a set of used OEM TPMS sensors and slide them into the wheels. Actually, you do not even have to remove the tires... just open the bead there and install the sensors.
Not sure who the newer ones learn, but the 2014-2016 version could be programmed by the tire dealer.
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