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New guy from Australia

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Hey guys, I found this site when hunting for aftermarket parts.

I picked up my 2014 Koup Turbo about 3 weeks a go. Loved the look of them since I first saw one and was sold on the idea of one, as this is a lot cheaper to run and own coming from my previous car. I am from Brisbane QLD, Australia and have yet to see another YD turbo Koup on the road.

Only thing I am a little unhappy with, is the lack of a decent induction/exhaust note from the car because I am use to something a lot sportier.

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Welcome! I am jealous of the that color!!!

I am working on intakes, and hopefully exhaust parts by the end of this year. I will have no problem sending things to you guys down there. Congrats on the car!
Sick! White looks great from the front. Welcome aboard mate!
Welcome to the board.
Thanks guys.

Already gotten a lot of great ideas on what I want to do thanks to the info on this site.
Welcome ! Another white one nice ! We're two now ! :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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