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My 2016 Kia Forte5 SX Hatchback Turbo

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Recently purchased last 2 weeks ago. Bought it 14k cash. 28,588k miles when i got it. Clean Title. 6 speed manual too. Bone Stock! It doesn't have Sunroof or any other added Options on it just simple.


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Nice! Looks clean. Seems like pretty low miles for a 16.
Yup, it is. I was going to get myself a 17/18 elantra sport turbo in the first place but the dude that sales the car kinda a jerk, so i didn't buy the elantra. I like the look of the elantra and how nice it is in person. After awhile i spot this sx Forte hatch picture doesnt look that good but in person view WOW! It looks amazing. So for the price and low mileage and bone stock it was a good deal so i bought it. Not bad at all i like it alot. I was also looking at a 2017 forte5 too! but i couldn't find one near my area so i just like nah....
For me Elantra looks weird. Especially the front.

What pushed me away from Hyundai was actually the interior lights. All the switches had blue light.
Forte is red.
It may seem weird, but for my personal feeling red is much calmer than blue. I had 2009 Elantra GLS (5 spd, manual - GREAT car, I really liked it). All the blue switches were a bit annoying. I had to turn them all the way down and still something it was not OK.
Forte was just fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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