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Music can Define Driving Style

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Flux pavilion - I still can't stop

Jucy j - smokin rollin

Metallica - One..
Oh I gotta add

Pharrell - Happy
Lorde - Royals
Taylor Swift - Shake it off

Are the three that make me want to max out my car... into a wall
Lmfao. .... when I read those 3 songs I was like wtf? Then I read last sentence.
... I'll YouTube those other songs you guys said later.... i don't really have a favorite or anything but do like driving a little fast aggressive with rock, like godsmack, Linkin Park, five finger death punch. Or sometimes the odd techno/dance song, not a big fan of the song but just like the bass thumping, makes me feel like a kid again....
All you guys need is:

Blackmill - Don't Let me Down

Best.Driving.Song.Ever. Especially by yourself on an empty twisty country road.
Back in My street racing days I always had

"Battle Flag" running on a loop to get amped up
and wile racing I would play Moby "I like to score" album
now its just Joe Rogan Pad cast or Your Moms House Pod cast..

I work with a lot of cover bands and musicians as my day to day work.. and I get worn out with pop music and dance music that popular today.. But if you happen to be in Austin and Hear a Dance Remix of the James bond song blaring form a Kia that me.. im old
If I want to drive crazy I will bust out EDM and thump it hard. If I want to chill then I bust out Dr. Dre, snoop dogg, stuff like that lol.
Slightly in the other side of the musical spectrum here.
Golden earring: Radar love. (cheesy, I know but just gets the foot down)
System of a down

And dear god... Slipknot = getting arrested for reckless/speeding
^^^lol he said the other side!
Of course! Lol
I have a large variety of music in my library
I tend to go thru phases of music I listen to
I have a funny mixture.
I love death metal/heavy metal
Them double kicker drums pull me in
And also enjoy hip hop /r & b
Hard low hitting bass sound amazing
Every car I own I always have a system that bangs. I need That bass!!
As of now my choice of songs are

The classic struggle-burn the fallen
Dark passenger-veil of maya
Big Sean- paradise
Lips fiasco- deliver
Tuesday ft Drake
Don't tell them -Jeremiah

My list is very big
I have a playlist that I have about 30 songs in that I just press shuffle anytime I drive

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Anything heavy. Also it depends on what I'm drive too, when I'm in my ram coal chamber's big truck and rolling Stones paint it black mainly for when I romp on it and blow some smoke
No matter what, I always need bass in my life. That's all that matters to me

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Eminem and TuPac.. especially 2Pac f/ Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman "California Love" (1996) / 2Pac f/ Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman "California Love (Remix)" (1996)
No, I would not agree that music defines Driving Style.
I can drive whatever style I like without music, which is most of the time the case.

However, I like rock-pop, sometime dance, R&B. Also, I fall into classical. And I must admit, many times classical can trigger more sport-ish driving emotions on the road than "normal music".

So it is not so straight that one music will create one style.

All in all. The most I enjoy is listening to my car.
Lacuna Coil

Sub music:
Tech N9ne
Krizz Maliki

Girlfriend in the car:
Taylor Swift
Ellie Golding
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Ellie Golding
Like in Fifty Shades?
I bump Hardstyle pretty much all the time but I love all EDM and I was a metal head in high school so the itch for some Children of Bodom comes back every now and then.
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