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MT vs AT

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Hi guys!

I'm new here, i'm waiting my new Forte5 SX AT 2014. I'm so excited :eek: ! In term of performance, Is there a big difference between AT and MT ? What is your 0-60 mph times ?

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Ok Thanks, very nice, this is with stock car?
There is a thread on another forum that mentions the AT being 0.2 seconds slower to 60mph than the manual (figures were from Autotrend / motor week). I'd say that difference is pretty negligible. something like a 30 - 70 when rolling would be a more interesting timing, as I'd say it's a little more "real world" (highway on-ramp to joining highway - of course depending on the speed limit on the highway). All good and well a car having some crazy 0-60 time but then having a really crappy in gear time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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