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Moroso oil catch can install

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Hey guys,
Finished up my install of a Moroso universal catch can today. As part of my install I made a custom mounting bracket and with the left over angle aluminum I made a baffle extension inside the catch can. Here's the pics, let me know what you think.

Mounting bracket


Finished install

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Used the existing holes from the stock air intake, no new holes were made for this install

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Cool. I like this can over the others
are you getting any rubbing on the return line.. it seem close to the screws on the air intake.. nice install..
are you getting any rubbing on the return line.. it seem close to the screws on the air intake.. nice install..
Will have to see how it does over time but for the moment it seems solid, it is held under a tiny bit of tension by gravity and can't move toward the clamp any further.

Cool. I like this can over the others
Me too, I think it is well designed. Here is a tear down of what it comes like stock.

Drain with ball valve

Internal baffle with media removed from return chamber.

Coalescing material that won't shed debris

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i love that catch can... i really need to convince the wife to let me drop the cash
Oe mah gah!
I went to open the drain valve today thinking that there might be a drop or two inside the catch can and a rag would be enough for some reason. The moment I opened the valve, the rag was soaked completely through. I had no idea that I would have caught the amount of liquid that was in there. I have to reconsider my mounting options at least for the winter. I purposely designed my mount to sit in the fresh air flow from the stock air inlet to help the condensation process along but it might be too efficient for winter. I estimate that I collected around 100ml of water+oil+gasoline in about a third of a tank of gas. What has me worried is that I have no idea of the freezing point of this stuff and winters around here can be below zero for months at a time. I'm debating if I should keep the catch can plumbed in at all at this rate. I know we want to keep our valves and intakes clean but not at the cost of blowing seals.
The hoses themselves are also an issue at this point because there are dips that will allow liquid to condense pool and freeze in the lines. Definitely looking at thousands of dollars worth of "solution" to a couple hundred dollars worth of problem .
I might end up bypassing the catch can for the entire winter if I can't come up with something that doesn't involve draining and checking my can and lines before every trip .
Anyone have any ideas?
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Since you have the cai you can mount it lower down on the frame rail. I have mine there. It is better to have the pcv can lower then the breather one. I collect a lot also. I have been checking mine every week and draining it. There is a ton of oil vapor that this motor produces. The more you fight to keep it all out of the motor the better. The valves won't get it built up on it and will help protect against low speed pre-ignition to

I also see your tuned. Not sure how aggressive it is compaired to my tune but when running more boost you will get more oil vapor to. I am currently running 23psi and I get more since the tune

This is mine after it settled and separated for about 10 minutes
This is 300 miles of blow buy
Filled up 3/4 of my catch can

This is a must if you want to keep your forte running top notch
Do not push this aside!

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Dont take it off. Lower where yours is mounted. Like i said do it on the frame rail that you can see under where you have it mounted now
I just ordered a obd2 Bluetooth dongle, I guess a catch can will be next on my list of things to buy. Is this just in the pvc catch can? How much are you guys catching in breather can?
The breather you dont get really anything. The main one is the pcv line.
If anyone is looking for a catch can I have a brand new ADD W1 version two catch can for sale. It's brand new in the original box and never opened
A lot of us are running this catch can and it works great
It's anodized purple
If interested contact me

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Is it me or does it seem we have excessive blow by with this T-GDI drive train. is this a bad ring design.. the amount of blow by in the above photo seems excessive for a car with just a CAI.. any ideas?
Well being boosted and gdi blow by Is going to more excessive

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But also a check valve must be installed in the line if you run a pcv can, otherwise you create excess crankcase pressure and the added volume distrupts the correct operation of the pcv. There causing excessive blow by

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so this guy is not running a check valve.. is that why he is getting excessive blow by.. in this set up
This guys is me
And it was just recently that it was talked about putting the valve inline to to event the excess blow by
I was also getting a rich condition due to this setup
As soon as I switched to running he can on the breather side with no return the rich condition went away
@forte5 is running a 2 can setup and will be putting the valve In to confirm it fixes his current issue
Veloster has the same issue so it's most likely going to be the same outcome

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