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There are so many different kinds of mods, exterior and performance, but which one's are you going to start with/are your favorites?

Post what mods you would like to have on your car, either for performance or simply for looks.

I'll go first...

As of right now, I do not have much.
-Broken K badges
-35% tint
-Plasti dip front bumper

What mods I will be doing in the near future:
-SRI (ordered)
-BOV (ordered)
-Roof wrap, black vinyl gloss (already got quotes for it!)

For the later future:
-Upgraded intercooler
-Lowering springs

What about yourself?
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Probably start with an intercooler resonator delete, gutted down pipe and rigid collars and wait for your report on the SRI. Then maybe a big FMIC and a tune. Then some struts.
My current mods are in my signature. Next on the list for me is sound. I'm going all out and having pretty much my dream system installed. I'm keeping the stock Nav headunit and adding the following:

Audio Control DQ-61 processor
Focal 165 KRX2 components and Focal 165 KRC coaxials powered by MMATS SQ4160 amp
2 10 inch Diamond Elite Series subs powered by MMATS M1000.1 amp in custom built enclosure in the floor of the hatch

As soon as the Focals come in, it's going in to the shop for the install.

And then in no particular order:

roof wrap (most likely gloss black)
paint my calipers red
wheels and summer tires
lowering springs
What seems like a bazillion other things that I can't think of right now.
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As of now: 20% tint, roof carbon fiber vinyl, 100% debagged/ broken k's installed, turbosocks sri, 3'' exaust, hid 6'000k.

-HKS SSQV(do not fit bolt on)
- bigger fmic
- tune
- downpipe 3"
Hey, can one of you shoot me a link to buy some of the alternate K badges?
I just don't want to buy some low-quality ones.. Thanks!
I got mine from ebay. I think they were 3d evolution badges.
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