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Mac / iOS problems or questions

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Hi there,
Hopefully this won't sound too big-headed of me, but if anyone on here happens to have any Mac / iOS (iPhone / iPad) related questions, please ask and I'll try and help out.
I do NOT work for Apple, but I have 22 years of experience working with Macintosh computers, in varying capacities from a typesetter, to a technical manager for a software development company (I headed up the tech support department - handled support via email, phone, and on-site, along with on-site training too), right now I'm Senior QA for the iOS side of a mobile reading apps development team for a Canadian eBook company (I'll let you guess which company :D), so I know a fair bit about iOS devices. I also have been know to do the odd bit of Applescript and bash programming, along with a splash of html, sql and php, and have built websites in the past.
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Good to know. So you can build iOS apps?
Alas not, I'm not a developer. I should learn (I do have a beginners guide to objective C book that a friend of my co-wrote, and I really should run through it). I do know how to edit certain lines of code in our applications to enable / disable or change certain things, but that's it. The devs write the app, I and my team try and break it.
Ah, right!
I would guess that the next question if I had said "yes" would be "could you create an app to do XYZ" :D
It's a bit like that when I mention I have created websites in the past :D

If an app needs testing, ah, well, that I CAN do.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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