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I have been visiting this forum frequently since buying my 22 Forte GT. I love the car. I have had zero issues ( up until now ) and only have roughly 2850 miles on it. Bought it in Dec 2021.

So, I live in the desert. About a week ago, temperatures started reaching 100-110.

As of 3 days ago, every single time I cold start my car, it will immediately start up to 750-800 rpm and sit there. It does not go above that, and if it does, it’s only for 1 or 2 seconds. Cold start.

normally, on cold starts, it will go up to 1250-1400 rpm for up to 20-30 seconds and then drop back down to normal idle.

I am not sure if the IAC sensor is stuck thinking that the car is already warmed up, since the weather is so hot, or if there is another issue… or, if this is normal.

As of 3 days ago, this is happening every single time I start the car, it does not idle up to normal rpm like it always has since taking it home….

cold start, straight to 750-800 rpm. Stays there. I have been letting it warm up a little bit longer because of this.

Any insight as to why this is happening? This is a brand new car. I baby it. I don’t drive it hard. Idk if it’s a feature for hot weather or if there may be an issue :(

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I think it believes the car is warm enough.

If you were to observe the coolant temps vs idle speed, you would see the idle drops with coolant warming up. Normal, right?
Hence, on winter, at say - 15 C (that would be what? +5 F?) the idle would be at roughly 1300 rpm, and it would keep going lower the warmer it gets.

What you experience, it seems OK to me.
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