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Hey guys, been crazy busy with tuning out of town and moving to SC....haven't had a chance to post at all.

Our new Heavy Shift Knobs are here and ready to go. I love shifting with this thing. I'll have the gloss black pics on the site soon.

Weighted Shift Knob

Our Cold Pipe Silicone hoses are in stock too. Just some extra bling:

Kia Forte SX Silicone Cold Pipe

Front Crash bars are in stock too:

Kia Forte SX Front Crossmember

Engine Mounts are back! However, they are silver now, I need to replace that picture!

Kia Forte SX Engine Mount

Finally, our downpipes are almost done and we are taking the pre-orders now :)

Kia Forte SX Downpipe

Thanks guys!

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Should launch by 5/15. they are getting bent as we speak.
what about the heat treatment like the new ORHP?
also do you think the cold pipe will fit properly on the 60mm TB with the 3TBS without cutting the pipe?
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