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Long-term Ownership -- any regrets?

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This isn't a review, just some quick thoughts and assessments of my own particular experience of owning the car so far.

I've had my car since July 2014. I can't believe it's coming to 2 years now.

Well, this is my first car that I've had the pride in calling truly my own and paying for myself. I've had some hand-me-downs but those were just that. After almost 2 years, I always get a pang of regret of not getting something nicer or faster but at the end of the day, people who buy this car did so because of budget restraints or priorities that supersedes irrational decision making. I always see nicer cars and think, may be I should trade it in and get it because I'll be happier with that then this. The reality is, that kind of thinking isn't just constrained to cars; it's almost everything in our lives so we should just find contentment with what we have in life, be it our job, our partners, or our cars because there will always be something better no matter where you are in this game of life but I'm digressing.

The car isn't perfect but it has a lot going for it; with a mixture of useable performance coupled with utility and sensible looks. I chose black but my choice was grey metallic but my 'gotta have it' impatience got the better of me and took the first 6 speed they had available. We had some mild weather rain yesterday followed by freezing weather which caused my wipers to freeze. I turned on the defrosters with the de-icer and 5-8 minutes later, I was off. My other cars never had this. Thank you, Kia for giving us such luxurious options for not so much money! lol

Just wished it had AWD :p
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I feel the same way. Even if I hadn't of gotten this car to start a business, it's one of the best built cars I've ever owned (and that number isn't small!) lol.
Purchased April 2014 and this poor car has held up through 2 year of constant abuse on and off road (dyno) and will see more and more. Only car I have had this long (basically stock) that took a beating and never stopped was a Subaru Brat. Even with the little things that have happened I can't really complain.
My second F5
The first was a 2.0 . Yeah budget was an issue . Other cars that cost similar didn't offer the discounts Kia did . So people tell me for 23k I could have gotten something better . But I didn't pay 23k lol I paid a shit load less . I was going to get a fiesta st . But that car is way too small . I like the room in mines . I know off the line the car was squirrely but most cars are so suspension tuning can be done . The motor is sufficient and probably due to Kia moving forward keeping the 1.6 across more platforms , parts should become even more available . So don't regret at all . If I had a scooby , st or evo cool points are there . But owning a turbo Kia gives a sense of uniqueness . Yeah I only have 200+ . Yeah she handles like a pig sometimes . But hey made you look ! Tail lights fade lol
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my only regret is not so much the koup itself, but i wish i would have thought and maybe gotten something a lot cheaper, like an older ranger that i am now hunting, basically just for the sake of eliminating my car payment, so i can do more stuff around my house... which i got the car prior to my house purchase so obviously my views have changed.... bc of the house purchase... but i am here now so i am seeing it through for the moment..
Knock on wood, car is still holding up well. I think I've seen one other F5 SX in my area, not been close enough to see if it's the Lux version or not. I've still yet to see another F5 that's the same color as mine, let alone an SX Lux in the same color.
Regrets? whacking passenger side front wheel about a week before putting on the winter tires. So I now need to get the alloy refinished as it looks nasty. Feel a complete tool doing it, wasn't anything weather related, just end-user related. The only other thing, which isn't a regret per-se, is the shitty support for Navigation updates. Seems to be around CAD$300 per update, and seems to be two updates a year. That's just crazy. I can buy a top of the line TomTom and get lifetime maps for around CAD$300. I don't use the Nav enough to justify the official update, let alone some third party nav solution. Kia Canada basically brushed me off when I complained about the obscene cost of map updates. (don't suppose any friendly dealer types on here who have the latest map info and wanted to share? :D )
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Just went through the buying process and ended up with my f5 sx. So far so good, it's not my old HEMI, it's not my old wrx but she's affordable to own and operate, sporty enough to get some blood flowing and practical as hell in regards to cabin space. Been hearing good things about reliability, only time will tell. Am I happy thus far, hell ya !
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Starting the process to get mine. Found one used on carnal, 10k, for 19k fully loaded. First turbo and reading up on mods to do. Seems catch cans are a must. Hoping to pick up some sway bars and other pieces from members here or be directed on the best places to get the . Miss my fit and the fittest forum, but I think I'll be ok here 😁
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I have no regrets on buying ours. Its loaded minus nav and Paid just over 23k..(w/o taxes and all that jazz) Has 31xxx mi now after buying if new in November 2014. Car is a good mix of speed, sporty looks and luxury. To be honest...Actually felt it was such a good deal between our trade in price and the price of the car I didn't even negotiate. Which never happens with me...Lol. Even with all those positives I think the best one for me just don't see any of these around. In over a year I haven't spotted one F5 SX ... And only one KOUP. Even at the 100acre rally I attended last weekend I didn't see one F5... But probably 20+ focus hatches and probably 50+ subbies. Had two people comment on how nice it looked and one even asked "What is it!?!?"

Would not hesitate to buy another F5 when this ones time is up.
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Had my Racing red 2014 SX Koupe Luxury loaded with Navi since Jan 2 2016. Bought used from Edmonton Porsche Dealer with 11000 Kilometers.
Now @ 13300km no regrets so far except the 2 doors are a pain in the a_ _ :mad:. This is my 2nd Kia & my wife also has a 2015 Soul.
Had a 2013 Rio SX sedan that I bought new that I traded for the Koup with 34000 Kilometers after 44 months.
Only paid $4500 difference & got a steal of a deal as I have over 2 years more warranty too.
I liked the Rio a lot but hated the ride & road noise.
Forte solved both issues. Really Love this car :).
It feels so much more solid than the Rio & with 64 more HP it sure goes.

Kia builds great cars for the $.

I spent 31 years selling new cars ,last 16 with Mercedes-Benz before I retired 5 years ago.
Kia builds a more reliable car for a lot less $ & don't even ask about service & maintenance costs on M-B.
We still have a 1992 500SL that we have owned for 7 years which we will never sell.
Built back in the day when M-B was built & engineered regardless of cost instead of to a price point.
M-B are hit & miss for quality today.
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thought about this after the fact bra

Forehead Nose Joint Lip Chin
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Drove the fiesta st today,, wow what a car. Starting to have buyers remorse with my f5 luxury package.
Might be trading in my f5 guys.. Smh
Drove the fiesta st today,, wow what a car. Starting to have buyers remorse with my f5 luxury package.
Might be trading in my f5 guys.. Smh
well, depends what you need to accomplish.
Fiesta ST has exactly same engine (OK, Ford engine, but it is 1.6T). It has basically same power. However, what would win for me now - it has DCT.

On the other hand - Forte is roomier, has longer warranty, and it is more unique.

Going back to the thread.

I have had mine for about 1.5 months now.
My regrets, or things I do not like:
- very short gears (I have M/T) so lots of shifting, hence I go 1,2,4,6, sometimes 1,2,3,5,6.
- poor back visibility, especially with the windows tints the car came with
- camera does not like rain, when wet you see "sheet"
- why USA version does not have LED DRL?
- the order the radio plays songs from USB

Could have better fuel economy, but this is personal thing.

Things I like
Quiet. Well made. Nice interior. Spacious trunk. All the gadgets like puddle lamps, folding mirrors, heated read seats, and some other stuff.

And of course that it is unique.
As far as I know from the only dealership in area they have never seen SX in their shop. Nor they sold one. Like if they were selling them - they never brought one there.
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The reason I never even looked at the Fiesta st after my initial research was interior space. Specifically cargo space.
But if you don't need it then I've heard it's a hoot.
I do regret not getting the luxury package though.
It's cheap enough and has enough extras that its probably worth it.
I previously owned the Forte Koup 2013 EX A/T. The lease was coming to end and my plan was return it to get a FRS or a WRX. When I saw the grey metallic Koup 2015 with luxury and tech packs M/T I tested and felt something, like test it. It was the last batch of 2015 back in March. It felt like the Koup 2013 with all the upgrades I wanted, but something still missing. The price was $25k, but the sales man made a mistake during the talk and I end up getting it for $17k. Since I'm saving for a house and also for my daugther college (she is 1 but I don't want suprises 18 years later), I think this was a great deal.

Yes the car looks sporty, have all the sporty things but I think it have something missing. When I closed the hose and modified the BoV booom, it was an automatic love in the air. It started to feel sporty. I'm adding a spoiler next month, which will improve the look. I might add the lowering springs next year which by the reviews it increase the handling and will drop to the level I want. My plan is not to spend more than $2k in mods. I'm just giving it the sport treatment that it needs. The intake will be great, but I live in CA which is a pain in the ass with all those CARBS stuff. While the car deliver almost sporty, I think Kia still have some work to do. It is an improvement from the past gen, but they can push harder.
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Kia can definitely push harder,,
My two biggest gripes are the gearing and suspension, yes the fiesta puts up basically the same power numbers but it's 500lbs or so less in curb weight, and the st suspension and steering feel is spot on. It's almost like Kia had no idea what they were doing when they built this car,, they seemingly slapped everything together and called it a hot hatch. Not dissing the car, but it needs some real fine tuning. Thought the design team would've smartened up in 2017 but all they did was change the front bumper and threw some coulour in the interior.

I guess it all comes down to what you need and want when buying this car.
If you're a true enthusiast buy the fist, if you're more practical but still want something sporty buy the forte.
You think it puts the same numbers . It does not . Yes fun to drive but 0-60 and 1/4 mile prove different . They struggle to get low 15s. The power is also in the 190 range . For some odd reason they can put out dyno numbers but drag ass
Our suspension is very competent for the price range. I'm regularly suprised at what it can do.
Other than price we're a closer comparison to the focus st. Size is closer and so is straight line acceleration.

Both fords are more performance oriented though for sure.
Really ? All I have done to my forte is a 6th sri. But the stock fist just felt quicker.
Maybe the old butt dyno was out of calibration?
Still standing by my statement about the handling. Although the ride was a little tougher than the f5 on these pothole riddled Canadian roads.

I will say the fist interior was pretty shabby though, and those recarros are gimmicky.
But the stereo was definitely better sounding.

Wondering what the resale value will be for these cars down the road.
I could see the fist doing well with all the hype from reviewers like top gear calling it an instant classic.
Kia still has this "cheap car" stigma following it around. Even though it's probably the nicest car I've ever owned.
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