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Koup k3 turbo vs Mustang and Saab

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Found this on youtube. Looks great in white...

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Yeah, I was so going red but after seeing that one... with the black roof, back window and the gloss rear diffuser, man, it's looking great and agressive
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He must have gotten scared and backed off, the A/T Koup pulls all the way to 145 mph in 6th [email protected] 6000 rpm, may go further but I let off as other cars were getting close fast. Any try the M/T yet?

Amazingly stable at high speeds, way better than I expected.
If you end up coming this weekend we can compare directly :) I have the perfect place for it.
I've only taken my M/T to 110 so far. It was still pulling like it was 60. I wanna do a top speed but the cops in my area are pretty widespread. Hard to find a good road to test on. I used to test on my back road but just got pulled over the other day.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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