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Hey guys, I have already posted in the "Putting a face to your username!" thread, and I just realized there was an actual introduction section.
So, for all of you who haven't already seen it.. My name is Skyler, and I live in northern Alabama. I'm a proud owner of a black Turbo Forte :)
I would love to post awesome pictures of my new car, but I've only had it for a week today, and I haven't had the chance to take her out for a long joy ride yet due to finals coming up.

This is my second koup and my fourth car. I figured you are all car enthusiast, so I'll post some pictures of my past rides. Haha.

They're not that great, but I did with what I had.
My first car was a '92 Camaro (I was obsessed with them at the time. approx 15 yrs old.. ) I hit an oil slick on the way home from work one night and hit a tree and totalled it.
So, I wasn't finished there. I went and bought an '89 Camaro with my insurance money, and I had a little play money left over.

Here's my 89' Camaro (sorry for any stupid filters or editing. 15/16 year old me thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.) :
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire

Here's my previous Forte. I bought it as a reliable, gas-saver for my 60 mi/day commute to college. But I loved every minute of the car.

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Plant Car Tire Land vehicle

And here's my new Koup that I'm loving more and more every day. Pick-up day:
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Window

I'm sorry if long-ish threads aren't your thing. I just hope to meet like-minded people on this forum who love the cars they drive.

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Great rides! Can't go wrong with "American muscle" as well :p
I love the black on the koups. All of my cars have been black (4 cars myself as well) never really liked a red car honestly. But seeing mine in person made me fall in love with the red. So vibrant. Had they not had red and had black, I would be driving black as well :)
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