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Kia Shop manual

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Hey all, thought i would share this...

Kia Official Factory Service Repair Workshop Manual | eBay

i bought one yesturday to test out for my wife's optima it looks pretty good from what i can tell so far, im probably going to order the 14+ forte one next

ill probably take the files to office max or staples and have them make a booklet for me so i dont get my laptop dirty or have to have it in the garage for me.

i think this will help the people that dont have access to the kia service stuff anymore or dont want to pay the 1,500$ a year subscription.
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before anyone goes through with it, let me look at them more in depth... it seems there may be pieces missing.
I bet is the same file that is on tradebit, and from what I recall, the 2014 Forte one does NOT mention the 1.6 engine. I purchased one and noticed this, contacted the seller and he did give me the 1.6 info. There seems to be a 2015 version out there, which does mention the 1.6, so I think this is likely the one to go for, and I did purchase it. Basically looks like a PDF version of KGIS. There is / was a website somewhere that looked like an html version of the PDF / KGIS, cannot remember the URL for it though
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hmm... ty for the PM on this also... i thought i had searched around for all that i needed and i thought this was a good thing... seems as it may be someone saving individual webpages... it does contain a bit of useful info i can use towards my wife's optima, so i dont think im totally in the dark with my 10$

ill reply back whenever the seller replies and let everyone know how it goes
And anyone needs any shop manual info just pm me and I will send you whatever you need
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kneegradamus i could really use the shop manual but your pm box is full
kneegradamus i could really use the shop manual but your pm box is full
You can get something from here...
Kia Forte owners manuals, user guides, repair, service manuals

Just pay attention when they refer to 1.6T engine as it covers all models.
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Thank you, very helpful.
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