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KIA Say's I Have the Wrong Mirrors on My Car!

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Hey guys does your SX mirrors have like a micro flake in them that reflects different colors depending on how the sun hits them?

I was planning on having my roof wrapped but when I detailed my baby the last time I noticed the iridescent colors in the sunlight on my mirrors and thought that would look hot to paint the roof with the same color. So I go to my dealership and they couldn't find a paint code for me so they contacted corporate. When corporate got back, they said my car shouldn't have those mirrors and they are trying to figure out how they got on there.

Are you kidding me? I find it hard to believe that my mirrors are different from everyone else's. Does anyone know (or can you check to see) if your mirrors have the micro flake on the top part of the mirror? It's kind of subtle, so it might be hard to see unless its in the sunlight.

Corporate is now supposed to get back to my dealership the first part of the week after they figure out how they got on there. :confused:
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One of a kind.
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My mirrors have a sparkle reflection on them. It kinda looks orange. I haven't looked lately, but i remember seeing it a couple weeks after i bought it, and thought it was neat. Not sure if its the same thing that you're talking about, but it sounds like it to me.
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That's probably the same thing. Mine is definitely iredesant. It reflects different colors as I move to look at it.

Like I said before it's very subtle... I didn't even notice it the first few times I washed the car. It wasn't until I washed it on a cool morning with the sun out that I saw it and then wondered how I missed it before. As soon as I can find a paint code for it, I'm having the roof painted to match.

Norrie are you sure yours doesn't have it?
I want sparkles!
I want sparkles!
LOL, ah man I never should have said anything. You never would have known what you were missing.
Mine has it. The door handles also.

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Mine has the black mirrors and door handles. But I assumed it was just metallic black paint.
Alright guys, I finally got around to getting the roof painted. :D My dealership did the work and they did a fantastic job.

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I had to do a double take when I walked into the garage to make sure it was my car... lol. It looks amazing IMO. This is the only pic I have for now since it's still at the shop. It's going over to service for the first oil change and they still need to clean it up so I will pick it up Monday.

After going through the chain all the way to corporate in Korea, they finally came up with a paint code. ABP is the code which stands for Aurora Black Pearl incase anyone needs it in the future.
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Black on the roof looks very good, on the wifes sorento, she has the panoramic sunroof so the whole top is black except a small part in the rear. But it looks very good I think.
yep the mirrors and handles on the us spec forte koupe sx and forte 5 sx have black pearl paint.. sort of a nod to the DSM of yore
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