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Let me share my experience here...

So, I hear on radio very often: I wanna see ya in a kia!! I will cut you the best deal!! and such crap.
Heck, I thought, I will talk to them.

I was debating between used 2013 GTI Drivers Edition (friend's car) over Kia Forte5 SX.
KIA in stock was looking poorly comparing to GTI with leather/heated seats, sunroof, bixenons, and other stuff.

Anyway, I go there, talk to the guy, say what I need and I want to test drive one... I hear that they do not have any SX on the lot.
I say, can you get one.
Sure, will try. I'll call you back.
So I left.

Next day comes I get a phone call: Hi, we can get you one, but you must commit to buy.
You are kidding, right?
How can I commit to buy without being able to test drive?
You can get EX to drive...
But that's not the same. Different suspension, transmission, engine... Can't you really have one here?
Nope. We do not sell them so we do not bring them.
That's a joke. Thanks for your time.

So, that's the first part of the story.

I go online and keep digging. Reading forums, tests, reviews, comparisons - I learn it is a fun to drive car. Not as much as GTI, but very nice. So I look around the country for one that would suit me.
I find one. Used. 10k miles, 2015 Forte5 SX, M/T, with Premium Package. Asking 17.5 USD. 7 hours away, down in Bowling Green, KY. Talk to them, I get price down to 16,000 OTD.

Second part
Then, I call him again (Lansing, MI) and say - listen. That is a used one I can get for this much. Can you offer me something instead I cannot refuse.
I get a quote.
A new one for 24,500 OTD. I was lucky to get 1,000 rebate...
I laughed to myself and thanked him again.
I guess you will not see "me-ia in your kia"...

Bottom line - I dealt with them twice in my life (for purchase a new car). Both situations ended basically same way. No deal. They would either not cut the deal or be arrogant.
I really do NOT recommend them.

However, service is GREAT. They do not wash car like Hyundai does with oil change, but they have knowledgeable guys there.

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Reminds me a bit of my new buying experience. The local one in Vancouver had a $2000 markup for "market adjustment" on all their cars so I knew dealing with them would be a hassle. They also didn't have a F5 SX in manual and tried to get me in an EX auto.... Said they would try to locate one but there were "none within 500 miles".
Well I then contact a dealer across the river in Portland and they say yep, they've got that exact car. After a little negotiating mostly just saying that I was headed to the VW dealer next to do a back to back comparison and my wife chiming in that she was hungry and wanted to get out of there, I got them down to $17,900.
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