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K.U. 's Steel Blue

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Wheel Car Land vehicle Tire Automotive side-view mirror

The start.. A steel blue Forte5 Wagon...

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

The first modd 35% legal tint on the sides 15% on the back

Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Car Automotive air manifold

Pulling the intake for something new

Publication Gas Font Tints and shades Flooring

My free Injen Forte Turbo developed CAI in Metallic black that matches our mirrors perfectly .. asking nicely does work

Hood Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive air manifold

The first part of the install.. at only 3inchs its not as big as the Sixth Element. Fitment and finish are top notch.. no issues with the master cylinder touching.

Automotive tire Wood Gas Bumper Tints and shades

The forte set up has a shorter second pipe so the filter sits a little higher in the space behind the fog lamp.. it touches nothing and sits in its own dead space.. I went the extra mile and put a pre filter on later in the day.. its just a mesh bag that goes around the filter sold by Injen supposed to help with splashes of water.. I also sealed the under part of the car..with some tape..just as a better seal..i also have a Aem by pass valve that will be in place soon at the coupler just next to the battery..

Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Hood

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood

The finish product.. and as a added bonus.. I had the adapted values reset.. initial results..people say the car sounds like a Whale breathing.. the thing is quiet at idle.. has good tone at part throttle.. full throttle is about the same tone wise.. noted all sounds are from inside the car with the windows shut ( still have fresh tint) ..and yes you can hear the blow off valve.. some other notes.... the car according to my Tork app is running about 20 degrees colder on the intake side at both extended idle and highway speeds.. on the same day and temp as the stock air data logging for the next few days... and then I hope to test out a new CAI soon most likely ...The Sixth Element or the AEM... " As our car is new and not really the same as the Veloster. at least form a marketing stand point. its a great way for companies like Aem and Injen..And others to diversify there product line.. with little to no R&D.. on a already popular platform" ... Thank You Injen Technologies for the lovely product..

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Vehicle

The Mishimoto high pressured radiator cap works like charm.. this simple part gives you a little head room by adding a little more pressure in the cooling system.. more pressure.. means your fluid will boil a little bit
higher temp

Hand Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Steering part

It doesn't get more Kia original than this... a Kinetic Motorsports aluminium oil cap.. adds like 50HP rite.. but it is lighter than the factory cap by a few grams..just remember red means hot..don't touch
Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Hood


Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design

this is the 6th Element Engineering resonator delete pipe installed

Bicycle tire Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Evilla motorsports trunk brace installed.. with the modified package tray in place

Audio equipment Musical instrument accessory Electronic instrument Technology Electronic device

this is my Asus table running the tork pro app and my blue tooth obd2 reader

Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Tire Automotive tire

Kinetic Motorsport badge a little trunk bling for my dark car.. I have been holding on to this for awhile. I don't like to do a lot of show parts.. but this one seems to apply now that I have done a few more upgrades.. updates to follow
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Looks great bro
I have to say that steal blue is def a favorite of mine
I wish they had the outer blue on the wagon in the states.. next up Will be a write up on some mishamotmishamoto parts
Looks good man! I had the injen before going to the 6th one. Its a really nice intake
Cool.... my aem I believe is the same size piping
Vehicle Plant Car Speedometer Light

This is my remote Digital gage .. 7In Asus tablet running The Tork app with a v gate obd2 addapter
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Cool.... my aem I believe is the same size piping

AEM rep told me it was 2.75 inches.. let me know.. love to know
I have a 7" samsung tab and a 10" i was thinking of doing it the same way you did. That looks clean. Hows the asus tab?
Well this Asus tablet is the (me 176CX ) so specs wise it's just ok.. Intel quad-core 1 gig of ram.. 16 megabytes of internal hard drive.. it has a 2 megapixel front camera and rear it's no match for a normal large phone.. what this thing does well is it has a bright screen..stupid long battery..and it's one of the lightest tablets for this size..that's good it doesn't bounce around in the car on ruff roads.. one other trick it has built in non internet gps.. most tablets don't..and it's all for about 120 if it breaks loose from the mount on a hard curve and shoots out the window no biggie or falls and cracks the screen.. its not as bad as loosing a phone..
this thing also acts as a better brain... to the base model stereo I have.. it runs Pandora.. acts as my music archive and dash top camera.. I have the video set at low resolution and I put in 36 gig external card. it can record up to 20 hours of video.. at you tube quality.. that good enough to take care of accidents.. and you can put it to top level for more exciting videos..
one more bit that will make people laugh.. I have a windows phone. and run it as my hot spot.. for the tablet.. so if you girl wants to netflix it or down load a move on the road.. this set up works great.. the tablet is connected by the aux cable so full sound is in the cabin..
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Wow thats cool! I may look into that tab. I would like a bigger screen than my phone lol
Audio equipment Musical instrument accessory Electronic instrument Technology Electronic device

This is a better look at my digital gage package I put together.. Lets break it down so evey one thinking about this set up knows what up

first the tablet is a MeMo 7 (me17cx tablet) its runs for $80 to 112 bucks and has ok cameras( race videos or dash cam for accidents) a great screen plus built in gps .. not internet gps the link below has all the specs

next up is the Vgate 1.5 its the cheapest one you can get its about 4 bucks and its all you need but thay are on version 3 now.. and I have a newer on order.. its just a little smaller so it will fit behind plastic cover in the fuse area.. this set up requires you leave it off.. not a deal breaker... I leave it in my center counsel but im just looking for a cleaner set up.. Im getting a Icar3 updated dongle its about 15 bucks

this is the link for the newer models.. if you want an older one just go to amazon and search v gate..

I also bought the Torque App pro form the Google play store.. its $5.00

I hope this helped every one..

112.00 tablet
4.00 dongle
4.95 Torque app
12.95 10-7 in tablet holder from amazon.. (* sorry no link)
not bad for some good gages and some data logging.. and the tablet works as a better brain for you base model head unit and does maps and navigation better as well.. just plug your axu cable in to the head phone jack or if you are not using your Torque app just sink with blue tooth..

more coming soon happy modding
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Dude very informative! I like the tablet holder. My laptop has Bluetooth and since I don't have a seat I was thinking of making a holder like a cop car lol
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Hmm, tempting, very tempting. I was toying with the ODBII thing, had one of the Scantool WiFi items on pre-order, but decided to cancel, mainly as it would not have fitted behind the fuse cover, and I want that in place, and didn't really want to mess around with either take the OBDII connector out of it's location, or using a splitter / extender cable.
The reason for the WiFi was that I was going to use it with my iPhone, though I do have an Android tablet lying around not doing anything, so it might make more sense to use that. I'll be very interested if your new OBDII dongle does allow you to hide it behind the fuse cover.
Markus, you can get a 16 to 20 pin dlc converter cable for under 10 bucks and run the adapter off the diagnostic port under the hood.
Markus, you can get a 16 to 20 pin dlc converter cable for under 10 bucks and run the adapter off the diagnostic port under the hood.
Interesting. I might look into that also.
i'm looking in to that as well. precrack told me about this set up after I had made my order.. I guess with that set up is tucking the dongle away under the hood and water a little. like a tiny Tupperware container or something and putting next to the battery.. that's where the port is in the bay.
For anyone that has base radio and wants to upgrade to nav system let me know
The unit I am using that MXTRON sent me has been running flawlessly
It has the ability to run torque since its android based. I also found out just this morning I can bluetooth stream music from my phone and run torque at the same time
Here's a pic
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@koreanunicorn if you dot want this in your build thread let me know I can move it
that looks nice.. good job buddy
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