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Since I won't really have a build with this car I figured I'd start a thread of some of the pics and updates I've done to the wife's F5. I'll probably just use this thread to update our progress as we take new pics or add things. It's been a great car so far and we are approaching 40k miles already.

Mods so far:
20% window tint
DIY doorseal front lip
Rally armor mudflaps

6th EE SRI intake
DIY resonator delete pipe
DIY axle back exhaust
Gutted 2ND cat

Next mods....
Catch can (very soon!)
Carbon K badges
6th cold air add on pipe
Possibly spare ecu and tune
New summer wheels

On with the pics...

These are Somewhat in order..
A few from earlier this year when I took to to the 100acre wood rally
Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle
Wheel Sky Tire Cloud Car
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Car Automotive tail & brake light Cloud Vehicle Sky Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car
Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle registration plate Car Wheel

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More recent ones.

Finished up the axle back
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Terrestrial animal Metal Soil Wood Road surface

Made a DIY Sri then bought a 6th ee Sri shortly afterwards

DIY intake. Using a 4" filter and a 3"-4" pcv fernco.
Automotive fuel system Automotive battery Motor vehicle Vehicle Auto part
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Car Hood
6th ee Sri
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Light Automotive design

Just a couple random ones with my DD Legacy
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Car Plant Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Vehicle
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Looking good! Maybe not a "build" but far from stock. Your wife is lucky :)
Thank you sir. You see... I have this problem...where I can't leave anything alone. This sometimes spills over onto things like her vehicles. Lol. Everything I've done though has been at her request or allowed by her. I have actually been running two of my vehicles at the track this year and she wanted to give her car a try. Well needless to say.. she's hooked. Now she wants to do more things to make it a little quicker. Trying to walk that fine line of modding and keeping my warranty now...

BTW do you have any upcoming deals? Or is there a discount for forum members? Looking to pick up a catch can and probably some K badges. Did I see you carry some specifically for the forte5 now?
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