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It's time to clean up!!!!

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Hello everyone
I am going to make this quick and simple. Since day one here as a member on this forum i have always noticed threads going very off topic from there title. This has become quite a trend and it needs to be put to a stop. Over time this can cause frustration while searching for important information regarding a topic of interest, and also just gets very confusing when there is multiple topics being talked about in one thread. As an acting staff member for this forum, i am going to make a positive change for this community, and it starts here. If everyone can please follow this simple rule, it will make discussion between all of us a lot simpler and easier to follow. There is too much off topic discussion for me to go back and fix or move to the correct area, so please from now on make sure whatever you are posting stays in topic to what the thread title states.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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