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Interest on stickers, shirts, ect....

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Hey guys I am in contact with a vendor on the vt forums and he said if there is enough interest he would start making things for our fortes like he does for the vt's. I am putting a link to the forum for the vendor section that he is in. If you are interested please post up here and lets try to get a good amount of interest going so we can get another great vendor to venture over here with us to!

Felonious Assault Design

Thats the link to his section. I will contact him and see if he will chime in and let us know what he has to offer
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i do like the idea of the expansion, but unfortunately for me, im past the "accessories" part of modifying, if it doesn't legitimately do something to alter the car, i usually don't spend money on it.

i would like to get the forteturbo sticker, but i haven't yet because of the red turbine on the sticker, ive always been a less is more person and as ive gotten older its gotten more prevalent
now that im thinking of it, I would probably rock a shirt or 2
Nice if we get enough interest we can get this rolling. I understand everyone is more about performance but it is nice to wear or support our cars and make them more known.
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I might be up for this...
I am going to pm the guy and have him chime into this thread. He can explain better on what he makes and has to offer us
Hey there guys,

As Forte5 has suggested;
anything that you find HERE
can similarly be made
for you Forte guys.

It seems like there is some interest here,
perhaps you guys could post a couple polls
to see what the community here
would like to see made first,
we can get the ball rolling here.
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Sweet! Thanks for joining here!

What all would everyone like to see made?
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Well, I am a leather jacket wearing fool, never leave the house without my trusty jacket :) I would love like a SX patch or something, about the size of the palm of your hand? Now, I know that might be hard, but if you could print the Forte5 logo on the heart of a t shirt or something, that would be sweet too. I like simple stuff TBH. Sounds like a great idea though!
Definitely a shirt of some kind or collared. One for the Koup crowd, and another for the even better 5 hatch ;) :p
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I mentioned something to FAD on the VT forums and he said he already had something in the works for us Forte peeps. Looking forward to it!
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