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Intercooler Sprayer!

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Korean Unicorn and I were talking about an intercooler sprayer in the kia. So I was like meh I'm just gonna make one real quick to see what happens
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Lastly I pulled the wiper relay so the wipers would not be going off when I pulled the sprayer
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Looks good. Have you logged any temp difference yet?

I was thinking of making something like this that would be a 1/4" tube on the i.c with a separate pump and tank and a switch to turn it on when needed
Sitting still it does absolutely nothing that I can tell! Going to need further testing. Maybe I'll try ice water or something lol.
Sorry about that mammoth ugly pic at the bottom dunno how it ended up like that!
yeah i think would have to have below ambient temp water for it do something to the temps
Yeah if you had a way of keeping it cold all the time then it would work way better. I may look into a regular sprayer but probably expensive lol
It looks like you took your intercooler shroud off? I did that to mine as well and it seems to help with heat soaking a little. Is your sprayer just spraying water at it? like an open hose? might work better if it is a mist all over the intercooler. Good idea though. I live in a fairly cold climate so I don't know if I need one but I might look into something in the summer, I know even when its cold out, when Im in stop and go traffic or idle at a light, it really heat soaks...
I thought the shroud was to help get the air to the i.c
Seems like a nice simple install..the wagons will have that second line for the back sprayer...we should do a set up on mine
I thought the shroud was to help get the air to the i.c
Have you had the bumper off and had a good look at it? the middle portion has maybe a inch of clearance. I have thought of modifying or making a better shroud. There is a lot of room behind the crash bar so you could have a "bigger" shroud. I was also thinking of making the scoop angle towards the rad to direct more air into the intercooler. I have seen on the veloster forums that many have noticed better results with it off. If you want a picture, I can take one of the shroud.
Yeah I have had the bumper off but didn't pay attention since I was working on my Trans cooler. I will take the bumper off tomorrow and look at it and may even get a few sheets of metal and see what I can do.
if you pull it off, I had to take the bolts out of the drivers side of the crash bar and loosen pass side a little. On Veloster forum, they cut part of the shroud to slide out of the crash bar with a hack saw (maybe the guy didnt have a socket set?).
Here is a picture of our shroud and one of a optima, I think one like the optima would perform better because it will scoop more air into it. Also if you leave it off, I think I might make a "wall" to the right of the intercooler so the air will go through the intercooler, you will see with it off, most of the air will want to go around the intercooler now. Which if you have a CAI, it should get more air then as well.

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Good shots of the i.c! I might pull mine off and see what I can come up with. I can test out the "Wall" your talking about and see if that would help keep it cooler and test a better shroud for it. Since I have time off for a while might as well give it a shot!
cool photos
Actually from what remember reading and I'm pretty sure someone on this forum has removed those scoops and iat temps dropped.
There are also a lot of pictures floating around on vt forums to show how much the crash bar blocks the i.c.
Without air flowing across the whole i.c there's no way it can work 100%

Then you can take a look at Ford
They had a problem with the i.c being to efficient
There fix was welding a plate onto the i.c to block part of its fins. In result causing the I.c to be less efficient
I think there is about 5" or so between the crash bar and intercooler. But in the middle portion of the shroud there is 1" or so. So even though crash bar is in the way. I think the air will still find its way around it easier and onto the middle portion.

Back to the intercooler spraying, what are you using to spray the water or is it just a hose squirting water on it?
The tip of those hose has a sprayer I took out of a trigger sprayer, fit right on and does a decent sized spray.
Fun fact: I came out this morning and had a lot of dew on my windshield I then remembered I pulled the wiper relay rofl well I decided to try it and the last click aka fast speed still works! So boom got a sprayer and working wipers but it's only one speed and if you turn it off the wipers will stop wherever they are they wont return home until you manually turn off just right.
Lol I like the fun fact. Good to know though.
Just as a fan blower motor high speed
It is direct to the motor and not modulated/resisted
So any improvement with the sprayer?
From what I read here and there - it is more a gadget than really doing anything.
Intercooler sprayers work wonders. The Subaru guys have been using them for years and they are proven. The secret is to use nozzles that create a fine mist that burns off easily and transfers heat quickly. A windshield washer pump is cheap and you can use an aftermarket fluid bottle. The sprayer can be actuated by a button on the dash or you can wire it to the throttle position so it only sprays under heavy throttle, which is the ideal way.

An FMIC is best though because it also flows better.
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