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I visited the family in rural Kansas this Thanksgiving. They had an Ice Storm, and then the next day it rained and froze on top of the already deposited ice, when I headed back towards civilization the next day it rained most of the time I was on the interstate. Guesstimating that I had about 1/2" of ice on the roof when I stopped at a truck stop. The car did really well on the roads, granted the roads where also treated very well.

If you are expecting accumulating ice, be sure to leave your mirrors unfolded, other than that. I had no problem getting into the car even when it was coated in ice. The Forte5 makes an excellent winter car.

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When we got all that snow northwest of Chicago last week, I was also pleasantly surprised that the Red Rocket was very well mannered in the snow.
I'll have to see how my car reacts. We haven't had any snow here yet.......
Which tires do you have? I've got the Hankooks and they're rated poorly for rain and snow. Haven't taken it out in any snow yet though.
Stock, I forget which brand they are. But I know they have no grip when wet, so I don't expect much when on ice /snow.
I have the stock Nexen Classe Premiere 621's. They seemed ok in the slop. Interestingly though, when I got snow clumped inside the wheels there was a pronounced wobble, as if the tire was out of balance. It went away as the snow flung out of the inside of the wheel, but the size of the 18" wheel made it very pronounced. Another thing I did notice was the accumulation of snow inside the wheel wells, when I made a turn there was a good bit of snow / ice that the tires rubbed against.
I'll have to see how my car reacts. We haven't had any snow here yet.......
you get snow in Florida?
you get snow in Florida?
LOL, I was thinking dafuq? I don't think Hon knows how to express sarcasm.

Yeah I got some gnarly ice coating like OP last week. Whatever, it's all good with the de-icers on our cars. I actually started using the bum heaters too. Feels nice and warm. Wished my car had the steering wheel heating element though but a pair of $1 gloves with little rubber grips works well enough. They've got different fabrics on the index finger to use with phones so it's cool.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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