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I wan to put some Mud Flaps

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Anyone know of a brand/style? I like the WRX and STIs running around with mud flaps, especially the hatchbacks. Really sets the whole car off, IMO.

If I'm honest, I don't know what practical application these have except may be to stop umm, mud from kicking back to your front and quarter panels?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I would like to know also. I have said it before and i will say it again.....rally style forte5!
mud flaps are for scoobies and trucks..... haha j/k I think they might look good on a forte5. Not sure about a koup. Don't think I would be getting any.
i have a set of OEM Flaps on my koup... i like them.
I have the stock ones on my '14 Forte 5 SX, and debating getting the Universal Rally Armours mudflaps and either using by themselves or with stock ones behind.

I need a bit more coverage as 25% my daily drive is gravel/back roads. Still hear a bit of rocks hitting side of car with stocks but no damage yet.
here is a simple of a how to on a web link on making rally mud flaps.. I did a similar thing on my Evo 10..

Rally style polyurethane mud flaps for $20

if this is just a comedic thing than cool.. I get it .. its a cool look.. but if you just want to keep your fenders clean the kia factory mud flaps do a good job for all but the most nasty stuff like dirty snow or gravel.. happy modding
$100 for two? That seems expensive for what you get. I saw the instructibles in my searching.

Does the Forte have prevailed holes? I'm assuming they do since the little ones are on there, right? I Just like the look, to be honest. I mean people do CAI and BOV or whatever more for the sound and the marginal increase in performance is an afterthought. I always see people say "oh that sounds cool psshhhh"... and I can definitely feel the horsepower in the butt dyno... lol.

What I don't like which others may or may not like are the window visors. I see smokers with them in the rain with it cracked open so they can have their butt and still stay relatively dry. Not for me.

OK, I"m going off a tangent, but I'm more show than go at this point in time. I'm the kind of guy who would buy a Hellcat to cruise around rather then utilize the full 707HP but that wouldn't hurt ;)
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