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I love my Forte5

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Here's my Forte5 SX manual in Bright Silver
I have 2 12" kicker comps with a pioneer 800 watt mono amp

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Nice man! Glad you like it!
I just got a phone mount that slots into the CD opening so now I can have an easier view of my torque gauges
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Oh, I like the phone holder idea. I don't think I've even put a CD in my player, nor do I intend to, so this could be a great solution for me too. Would you mind sharing the make and model of it?
I found it on amazon Ipow Universal 360°Rotation CD Slot Car Mount Holder Cradle for Iphone 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4, Samsung Galaxy S5/s4/s3 and GPS Device: Cell Phones & Accessories
I've yet to use my CD player either so I decided to give it a try. It shakes a tiny bit while driving but since you can angle it any direction you can point the glare away

here it is without the phone
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Wow nice! I may just order that. Hate looking down at my phone lol
Thanks for the info! I did a quick google and found some my mountek, which seemed good. Not sure what I'd mount with it though. My 6 plus would make sense. It usually lives in the cubby when driving, and it's cabled up too (I don't like Bluetooth streaming of music, due to lack of integration with the wheel based controls). Downside is that I'd need a WiFi OBDII dongle / adapter, and iOS specific software, so no Torque app :( Hmm.
I've got a Sabrent CD Phone Mount ( that I absolutely love. It's $9.99 right now and so worth it!
I finally got a free day with nicer weather to clean all the road salt off my car!
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I also had time to install my new amp and old 10" pioneer subwoofer.
I love my 12" subs but I missed the space.
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Was thinking about adding a sub. What do you guys think of the ones that go under the driver's seat. I know by sheer volume it will be no match for a 'proper' sub in the trunk, but I don't want or need monster levels of bass; just enough for ME. I drove a car that had one installed from the dealers and it's enough for me and I like the vibration lol. Reminds me of those Kicker bass gaming seats.

I actually have some input for you as I have a 12" mtx sub in a ported box in my 5 and I work construction so I have tool bags as well as a harness full of tools that I lug around and I can fit them just fine.

I get groceries and sure the back fills up but hey we have a back seat!

Under the seat subs take up foot space for your rear passengers. I do know what you mean about the gaming chair thing though. I love that and if I ever wanted to add more bass that is what my next audio upgrade would be.
If you have a power seat that's heated and cooled forget it. I tried putting my amp there and it was way to tight. Maybe under the passenger seat. I have a 10" in a ported box that takes up most of the trunk but we can still go to Costco if needed. Also it's super easy to take out if I have to
Too poor to afford the Luxury SX also didn't want paddle shifters so no electric seats or cooled seats.

I am going to get one installed from the shop who will also do my tint. Still having reservations about keeping this car after 12 months but I figured the more money I pump into this car, the less the desire to trade it in for something else. No body wants a modded car. 12 months used mainly as a commuter car and I racked up 17,000KM. Is that a high number? I'm asking facetiously because I've seen some of you put over 10,000MILES in less than 6-8 months.

My commute is only 50KM or 250KM a week both ways.
happy to see some photos in here! :D
i'll be posting as soon as i get the rest of the car tinted on the 10th. right now i just have the windshield done with an 80% CXP to protect the dash and keep some of the heat out :cool:
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