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Hey guys, My name is Gina.
I just started working at Tork again. Worked here at the shop for about a year back in 2016 and I'm so glad to be back ! :cool:

A few things about me...
I am a 21 year old girl and I have been working in the automotive industry for about 4 years now. Was a technician at Acura for about 2 years and went to college to be a Honda techncian but that sorta fell through. I have worked at part stores and car auctions but nothing beats the family I have made here at Tork.
I was in the automotive program at my high school for 3 years. I had to go to a different school in a different city for the class but it was so worth it ! Graduated top of my class and received student of the quarter as well as student of the year in that program.

I am lame and have 2 Hondas lol :( But I used to drive a 1jsc300, is300, and s13 . :p
A 2006 RSX type S 6 speed - I am in the process of k24 swapping it (tsx motor)
Motor is stock for now ( not for long )
Way to many mods to the car to list out but boost is in the near future for the car!
Also I daily a 97 civic hatchback. I bet that little car doesn't even make 70 HP LOL
- follow me on instagram if you want to see me build my car @dc5_253 -

Thank you for your time, If you need anything let me know!

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