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General info HID kits

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So after going through a lot of issues with my HID kit on low/fogs here's some useful info....

In order to avoid problems we need CANBUS ballast on our cars.

Relay harness is not ''absolutely'' needed as I don't have one either on my low or fogs and everything works perfectly.

Low bulbs size = H11

Fogs bulb size = H11B but standard H11 will fit.
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Do we have bi-xenon style bulbs for the headlights or separate bulbs for lows/highs?
Do we have bi-xenon style bulbs for the headlights or separate bulbs for lows/highs?
High = H1, we do not have bi-xenon style bulb.
Where did you order your bulb? I was looking to order from DiodeDynamics but not being too handy with this stuff I decided against it. Is it pretty much plug and play?

I'm actually interested in changing the rear turn bulbs to LED if they make them for the car to match the LED pipe assembly. Not sure why Kia didn't just do that from the factory.
i ordered mine from ddm tuning..been using them for years and have no complaints, 100$ for a 55watt and 35 watt kit shipped is pretty decent.
Just a few little problems that cause problems when installing HID kits . This is using the Mirimoto XB35 Elite for Canbus systems. First was having the correct polarity + / - powering the ballasts, for some strange reason Kia switched the + & - at the factory plug from drivers side to passenger side causing passenger side to strobe or if using LED headlight not work at all change polarity on passenger side and everything works (I just moved pins in the factory plug so it will always be right). Second is the bulbs, the XB35 H11 are a little long on the plug side and won't let the cover go on. So at this time I am looking for either a H11 or H11B with a 90° plug or a lower profile plug. Other than that the system works great with no need for capacitors to control the flicker.

For those interested in the LED headlights, they are just as bright as HIDs and the only downfall is they run hot and overheat inside our headlight assemblies, I was told the Optima guy are running them with no issues but with ours if you put the cap back on it presses up against the cooling fan of the LED and prevents the fan from doing its job. (this was using the 2015 New V16Turbo 60W 7200LM/Set Cree LED Headlight Kit)
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