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Please follow these simple guidelines when posting in the Marketplace. These guidelines are put in place to protect sellers AND buyers, they will also maximize everyone's chance for a successful transaction.

General Rules:
1) Sellers and buyers MUST have a minimum of 20 posts to participate in the Marketplace ( sandbagging to get post count up will result in infractions and/or banning and will result in all posts being removed)
2) When an item has sold please add the "Sold" prefix to the thread or ask a mod to close the thread.
3) State preferred method of payment (PayPal, Item Trade, Money Transfers etc)
4) Include asking price, you may add "best offer" (OBO) in description of item.
5) Be descriptive of the item(s) for sale. Condition, miles, when purchased etc.
6) Do not leave negative comments about the price or quality of an item. If you don't like it, move on. This includes spamming a classified with off-topic banter.
7) Include pic of item for sale with your Forte Turbo username clearly visible in photo. This helps show other you actually own the item that's for sale
8) Supporting Vendors are NOT to use private classifieds. Please use your respective section for all sales.
9) Feeler threads (gauging interest) will be deleted and infractions/warnings given out.
10) If any member feels any of these rules have not been followed please PM a moderator/administrator with the issue or simply report the post and it's Owners, Administrators and Moderators are NOT your guarantee for a sale/trade/WTB. All buyers are responsible for their own transactions. Mods and admins can not and will not intervene in the case of a failed transaction.
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