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Forte 5 vs Optima 2.0t

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Alright guys I am reaching out to my forum peeps for some advice on this. There is a friendly battle in my car club and the leader is setting up friendly battles just for fun with the other members. So we have a turbo Optima that has full exhaust, Lap3 uncle chip and a BOV. The other is a Optima 2.4L with I think exhaust. I have seen the turbo one and saw it take off and it seems quick but from a dig it seemed a bit slow.

So I am having my ECU fine tuned from John at Tork and I am hoping to get my downpipe by next week. Other mods are in my sig that I have. I am curious if anyone has ran one of these cars yet. I haven't had the chance yet but really want to. There are a couple other Optimas in a few friendly clubs that want to try and run me also but I want to make sure that I am on their ass or passing them.
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I ran a few stock vs my stock and I have had none pass me on the strip where live . Top end not sure but on YouTube I've seen them kill on highway races on top end. So a rolling start the outcome may be a lot different .
There are a few here at the track that are modded and run mid to high 13s. Just a few mods and a tune and it is not hard for them to have 300 hp to the ground and they are only 500 lb heavier. From a dig you will take them even modded because the 1,2,3 gear ratios are way different but once they are moving they will catch up fast. Should be a good race if it is from a dig.
Do an 8th mile race lol .
The races will be from a dig for sure. It's just for fun but I do want to show them that us 1.6 guys aren't no joke lol
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Find someone with a set of sticky drag tires on 16" wheels and bolt them on the front so you can WOT off the line.
The way my car launches now with the tune it will spin in 1st on certain roads and even when already rolling in 2nd and I hit wot it will spin. On more grippy roads it will chirp a little and just go. So I am hoping the road we choose has the grip lol
Still on the crappy oem tires?
Yup only 21k on these and I am waiting till towards summer or when I see how taxes are before changing them
Still on the crappy oem tires?
Mine had the Hankooks on for 30K miles and can't say anything bad about them other than once they hit the wear bars they sucked in the rain but when it was dry they would stick in corners beautiful. Of course it may have had something to do with being a soft compound and almost like a drag radial that worked in corners. Speaking of tires has anyone ever tried cornering hard with a set of ET Streets? They make a 245/40r18 that would look amazing on a nice set of 8.5" wides, not for the DD but I wonder how they would hold in corners.
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